Covid-19 stimulus dilemma

So, because it made her feel better to have one, we always maintained an active checking account for kaylasmom. I had a bi-weekly allotment from my pay direct deposited, and some nominal monthly bill payments come out.

Last Friday was the first day the bank would let me close the account (worth a bit more than $200), but I didn’t go down there. I had already stopped the allotment and rearranged the bill payments, and the bank answered (when I inquired) that it would not be a good idea for me to use her debit card to withdraw any cash from the account before I closed it.

So, what does this have to do with the Covid-19 stimulus? Well, it turns out I am eligible for a stimulus check. Also, because I am missing or have lost a particular piece of financial transaction paper, I cannot yet do my 2019 taxes until I manage get it replaced. So, when the gummint sends me my money, they are going to direct deposit it to the account my 2018 federal income tax return went to. Or rather, the accounts. Because I have been making it a habit to share the income tax returns with kaylasmom every year. again, because it made her feel good.

So, Dopers, what ought I to do? Try to figure out a government phone number to call and attempt to have the whole thing sent to my account? Or let the payment get split up and hold off on closing the account? And CAN a direct deposit be made to the account once the bank has been notified of her passing?

Look on the IRS web site. I think they will have a place to redirect payments. It should make it easy to do. But that’s really a crap shoot, knowing government organizations.

Goog luck.

This and many other questions are answered here.
But, in general, if the Treasury sends a tax refund to a closed account, the bank should send the money back to the Treasury. Then the Treasury sends a paper check to the address on the tax return. It takes a month or two to do this. But if you read the above notice, you’ll see that they are planning to give you a chance to update your direct deposit info.

Do not call the IRS. You won’t get through and even if you luck out and do, they won’t be able to change it over the phone.

This notice from the IRS appears to be the place you should look, eventually. It states that they are still working out details of how it’s all going to work and that the page will be updated accordingly. It explicitly asks people not to call, and as of today (March 31) doesn’t mention a phone number.

(ETA: It’s not the same page that Alley Dweller just linked.)

Thanks for the responses. I got in a live chat with the bank this morning. They say as long as the account isn’t closed yet, the feds will be able to deposit money into it. So I guess I’ll be holding off on closing it.