COVID symptoms, vomiting blood?

I don’t need an answer fast, but I heard about a college kid (friend of my son) who had to take his mom to the hospital today because she was vomiting blood. Unfortunately the mom has multiple health conditions but I don’t have any more details. I just feel bad for the son, who is a nice guy and has really stepped up to help his mom over the past couple of years; he’s the health care proxy for her and manages all health related issues.

If it were coughing up blood I would suspect COVID more strongly. With vomiting maybe it’s “just” an ulcer and not Covid? Googling is coming up with spitting up blood as a symptom but not throwing up?

Serious question: why in the world would you be worried whether this woman has covid-19? No, as your google search showed, vomiting blood isn’t a recognized symptom of covid-19 but it is a fucking scary symptom of whatever the hell it is. “Hey, this buddy of mine just started bleeding from his eyes. Should we be worried about covid-19?”

Seriously? Why in the world? Because the son is worried that his mom has it. In this climate and with spitting up blood I can see why someone would be worried.

No, it’s a silly worry. I don’t blame a young guy taking care of his mom for that worry but there’s shitloads worse things than covid-19 that she is probably at least as high risk of with her multiple health issues. And what if someone comes in here and tells you “you can’t find this on Google but 1/1000 people with covid-19 vomit blood” you’re going to send him a message saying “yes, it’s not impossible that it’s covid”. Then what?

Can you please stop being a dick? Thanks.

Not if being a dick is appropriate. Thanks for the suggestion though.

OP, I don’t know if vomiting blood is a sign of COVID-19, but I understand your very normal and appropriate concern.

Coughing blood can be a sign of a pulmonary embolism or pneumonia which is associated with COVID. Vomiting blood comes from a different bag and is likely something else.

It’s only normal because of the top of the charts concern about this virus throughout society. It is still, without a doubt, silly. If this woman started vomiting blood six months ago, her son would rightly freak out because it’s a scary sign of internal damage. A bunch of scary things could be going on. Covid-19 is not the scariest. “Don’t worry, it’s only stomach cancer not covid”.

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As above. There is a big difference between coughing up blood and vomiting blood. Both are bad. However vomiting blood is a “get to ER right now” condition. Life threatening medical emergency. It is quite unlikely to have anything to do with Covid-19.

Hope your friend’s Mum is OK. Not much fun.

Why is it weird to ask this? Stomach cancer or ulcers would suck, but wouldn’t be as contagious, and therefore wouldn’t put OP’s friend at risk.

Yeah…the last time I saw my maternal grandmother was shortly after informing my parents that she was throwing up blood. (I was too young to visit her in the ICU, barely seven, before…). It’s how my folks and she and my grandfather definitively learned that her breast cancer had spread a lot.

It’s definitely time for a hospital visit.

It’s a “call 911 and do not drive yourself to the hospital” kind of thing.

I hope your friend and son are alright. Horrible time to have to go to the ER for anything.
Scary stuff.

I’ll have to try and find the article. Doctors like cardiologists are concerned they are not seeing the normal amount of patients coming in for emergencies. It’s not that people are suddenly better, they are afraid to go to the hospital and may put it off until it’s too late.

Thanks to all who expressed concern! My son hasn’t heard any updates yet after his friend rushed his mom to the hospital. To add context to the worries, they’re 30 minutes from NYC; Nassau County where they live currently has 30,677 confirmed COVID cases and 1329 deaths. Hospitals in the county are very busy; we know someone who works in the hospital closest to them who says that in spite of the area supposedly being past the peak of infections, things still haven’t slowed down.