Covid Vaccine and Retinal Detachments?

One of our neighbors had a detached retina after getting her covid vaccine (I don’t know which vaccine). She just told my sister today that her daughter had a detached retina after getting her vaccination. I also don’t know what her particular vaccine was.

I tried to google but couldn’t find anything except information about eye issues if you’ve actually had covid…nothing about the vaccine related to eye issues other than a temporary blurring of vision for a day or two.

Has anyone else heard anything about this as a side effect? Because I haven’t at all and haven’t seen anything through a cursory online search. Do this woman and her daughter have some susceptibility? Or is a very weird coincidence???

Weird coincidence.

I got a hangnail after my first vaccination, and stubbed my toe the morning after my second.


That’s definitely the way I’m leaning. I don’t trust these kinds of coincidences if I can’t find anybody else reporting them.

I might look at this neighbor with a little more side eye in the future.

I won $50 on a scratch ticket, right after my vaccine.

Pretty sure that the vaccine gives you good luck.

Careful, or you’ll detach your retina.

LOL! O.k. o.k. LOL again.


Too funny.

Are they diabetic?

Not to my knowledge, but I can ask next time I see her.

It’s funny because we’ve been neighbors for a long time, but we haven’t talked until recently because our dogs had an immediate, out-of-control antipathy against each other. Like full on snarling fury. And the only time I see her is when we’re out dog walking. Our Luc died in late 2019, and Max, our new boy, actually likes Aidan (her dog) so we’re free to chat.

Inflammation of the eye is a well-known rare effect of any vaccination:

Retinal Detachment is a well-known rare effect of inflammation of the eye:

A mother-daughter case suggests some genetic link, but I think total number of cases of retinal detachment due to vaccination must be so close to zero as to prevent any kind of meaningful investigation.


Acute reduction of visual acuity and visual field after Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine 2nd dose: a case report.

Santovito LS1,

Pinna G1

Author information

Inflammation Research : Official Journal of the European Histamine Research Society … [et al.], 04 Jun 2021,
DOI: 10.1007/s00011-021-01476-9 PMID: 34086060 PMCID: PMC8176659

Free to read & use

As the report says:

Here, we report an unusual case of visual impairment following the administration of the 2nd dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine.

This is slightly higher quality than a single VAERS entry, in that its from medical professionals, but it’s still just an event that happened after vaccination and hasn’t been shown to be causally linked to it.

I didn’t write what you quoted that was the text quoted from the title of the article in the link…

Those are not my words. Read the article.

The first quote is the title of the report you posted. I don’t think me using the standard quote function will make people think it was something you said.

The second quote I preface with “As the report says:”. The way I acquired that quote was by reading the article.

I really don’t get what your problem with that post is.

Remark by me added for clarification.

Your post are not clear to me. You posted the title of a COVID related study as well as links to it. What are you trying to say?

The reduction in visual acuity was temporary and they had no idea what it was. However, they did mention that the the flu vaccine and several types of infections can cause acute macular neuroretinopathy. The pathophysiology is unknown, but it has something to do with infections/fever causing retinal ischemia.

However, something genetic must be in play for both a mother and daughter to have this super rare side effect.

Yes, I know of a 40 year old in great physical condition that was diagnosed bilateral retina detachment after the covid vaccine (not sure which one) about 90 days. His doctor was confused because his family has no history of this condition and the doctor wrote it off as a coincidence and it was not reported to the manufacture or VARS.

I know two people who got the vaccine and immediately exploded into flames!!! They burned down the entire vaccination clinic!!! The lamestream media won’t report on that story, of course.

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