Covid vaccine booster safe if immunocompromised or inner inflammation?

As mentioned before, I’d been inhaling mold and mycotoxins for 7 months and planning on moving out. I’ve read stories of people having haywire immune response to the Covid vaccine shot when they’d been mycotoxin-exposed (one person said his whole body went numb for nearly a year and he got serious joint pain in his hands.) Any advice?

Get the shot. You’re more safe with than without.

Getting sick from your toxin issues will only be worse if you pick up COVID at the hospital you may have to go to. Hospitals still have COVID problems.

Ask your doctor. I know a handful of people whose doctors have recommended they skip additional covid shots, based on stuff specific to them.

In general, if you are immunocompromised, the recommendation is more shots, not fewer. But if you have specifically over-activated some aspect of your immune system, it might be different. Your doctor should know more about your specific issues than a bunch of anonymous people on a message board. :wink:

Yes, of course ask a medical person.

What the heck is inner inflammation?

In the vast majority of cases, it is safer to get the shot than not to. Inner inflammation is not uncommon, nor is it uncommon for people to have lived in a moldy place.

But, yes, check with your doctor about your condition.

Inflammation is a buzzword that is used by quacks. Inflammation is a necessary component of healing. Yes, it can be a bad thing, but its presence is not necessarily bad.

Everyone is inhaling mold (and other fungal) spores because they are pervasive in the environment, and mycotoxin exposure is relatively common due to poor ventilation and maintenance, particularly in humid regions, which facilitate indoor mold growth. Despite this, I have seen no medical studies indicating any kind of pervasive syndrome of serious COVID-19 vaccine reactions statistically correlated with mycotoxin exposure.

“… stories of people having haywire immune response to the Covid vaccine shot when they’d been mycotoxin-exposed” from random people on the interwebs are what scientists call “anecdota”, or more informally, “bullshit”. There are real cases of serious adverse responses COVID-19 vaccines, including myocarditis and pericarditis in young males, and some blood clotting and neurological issues with the adenovirus vaccines (AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson formulations), but they are of significantly lower incidence than serious or fatal conditions of being infected by the actual virus. People are prone to attributing any symptoms they may be suffering from pre-existing or underlying conditions to vaccination without any real basis, and while adverse reactions to vaccines do occur (I experienced that myself from an influenza vaccination in the mid-‘Nineties) they are quite rare, and more commonly an allergic reaction to adjuvants, preservatives such as formulin, or residual inactivating or cell materials like egg proteins.

There are a number of physicians on the board and I’m confident that they would be unified in recommending that you receive the updated vaccine barring any special medical conditions or history of adverse reactions.


Due to the OP’s unfortunate upbringing, he has a nearly absent woo-detector. As he’s told us on many occasions. Rather the opposite: all things woo are plausible and it’s the non-woo which is inherently implausible or at least suspicious until he really puts his logical mind to evaluating the evidence.

To his credit, here he’s sort of asking us: “Are these COVID vax to mold reactions real?” But he’s doing from the hard-for-him-to-shake POV that they’re real until proven to be pure woo-BS.

Here’s the answer: They’re pure woo BS. GTFO your mold bath and meanwhile get your COVID shot. Best of course to talk to a real doc familiar with all aspects of your case and your moldy living situation. If such a person exists in your life.

Yep. My oncologists really push you to get flu and Covid vaccines.

My diabetes doctors insist I’ve gotten every vaccine and boosters.

I’m immuno-compromised to the nth degree.

Get the shot.

FWIW (probably not much), I have lupus, which can cause some immune cells to become hyperactive. My docs strongly urged me to get COVID vaxxed and boostered (not that I needed convincing). The Lupus Foundation of America also urges lupus patients to get the COVID vaccine. .

Fwiw, i have two friends who had a weird enough reaction to their most recent covid vaccine that their doctor advised them not to get more for the time being. (Two different doctors.) I have hundreds of friends who have been advised to get vaccinated, including half a dozen who are immune compromised and have been advised to get extra booster shots for covid.

I think it’s incredibly unlikely that “exposure to mold” would be a reason to avoid a vaccine. But it’s the kind of question your doctor ought to be able to answer.

It comes a time when you must be your own best advocate.
I highly doubt he’s seeing a doctor(he can come tell us)
Dr. Google-woo isn’t gonna cut it about the crap about mold, fungus, inflammation of sketchy innards.

If I was only 1/4 as concerned as all that I would have fled his moldy house months ago and saw real docs.

We can’t advise. We’re just anonymous persons.

Exactly. His behavior (staying in the moldy residence) is utterly out of sync with his stated level of concern about mold.

One half of his brain is BSing the other half. We’re just watching that tussle play out here.