Cowboys release Emmitt Smith

I’ve always loved watching good running backs. And Emmitt does fit on the short list of the great ones. He made Cowboys football worth watching when they had little else going for them.

I hope he gets to play a couple of more years somewhere. He’s still worth watching. He almost had a 1000 yard season last year with one of the worst offensive teams the Cowboys had ever fielded.

He is a very classy guy. I’ll miss him being part of the football scene around here.

Well, that’s depressing. I guess now that all the good guys are gone I can finally start rooting for the Texans

I wonder if he will play somewhere else.

If I were him, i’d get out with my knees intact; make some long distance calls for $0.99 (not that he cant afford long distance otherwise)
Yep, there goes the last guy on that team I liked.

They need to buy a new crop of stars anyway.

Do you think Emmitt can be tempted to return for a less money? His salary is so high and I know there was talk of him coming back with a salary cut if he wanted to retire a Cowboy. Somehow I don’t think he’ll do it. Pity. I can’t imagine him playing for anyone else.

Now you know how I felt when Olajuwan left the Rockets.

Grace, the option to stay at a lower salary was definitely the fans favorite scenario, but JJ has never been known for doing what the fans want. It’s not like they foot the bills or anything.

That option probably also would have meant Emmitt becoming a secondary back. I don’t think he’s ready to do that. Not until he’s shopped around some.

Emmitt Smith is one of the few members of any team I’ve disliked as intensely as I hate the Cowboys (Redskins fan, comes with the territory:)) … for whom I have so much respect. Very few people, FWIW, are in that class. Mario Lemieux and Michael Jordan are two others. What class that puts Emmitt in, I leave for the reader to decide.

As a fellow Redskins fan iamphuna, only Tom Landry comes to mind.

sorry about the typo iampunha.

More than a few years ago, the 'Boys were playing on Monday night and getting creamed. This was after the glory days had ended, when they were on the decline.

It was the 4th quarter, the game was over, and meaningless. Yet Emmitt did a play action at the 1-yard line, and to sell it he went over the top of the line.

When he came down, he landed on his shoulder and separated it, IIRC. He was working so hard to sell that play in a game that didn’t matter. I was amazed that it meant so much to him. It seemed like everyone would get a hangnail and be out for three weeks, but Emmitt came back after that play and kept trying in that game.

Now, I absolutely loathe the Cowboys, but I simply cannot say enough good things about Emmitt Smith. He’s one of the few athletes that deserve respect for what they do both on and off the field.

Too bad you can’t say with a straight face that you respect Jerry Jones. He’s a scumbag.

The Redskins cut Stephen Davis followed by the Cowboys cutting Emmitt Smith. If the price is right, it might not be too far-fatched for both backs to end up with the other team.

Sadly, it also means I’d have to root for Spurrier’s team just so Emmitt could shove his running stats in Jerry Jones’ snare drum tight face.

I respect Emmitt more for what he did for his degree. He left college to be drafted in the NFL in 1990. From what I’ve read, this was a huge disappointment to his mom. He promised her he would finish his degree. Working in the off-season, he finally got his degree in May, 1996, from the University of Florida. He was a great football player but he’s also a devoted family man and someone who has lived up to the promises he’s made to his family.

Wow. How about THIS scenario:

Emmitt Smith, being released from the Cowboys, signs a deal with the Glasers, and reinvents the running game for the Buccaneers. Now, the Bucs have a REAL two pronged offense, and go entirely undefeated next year, winning back-to-back Superbowls!