Cows would rather Talk to you in Person, Study Finds

I kid you not. I didn’t even realize that cow dissatisfaction with Zoom was even an issue. Silly me

Cow listening to a recording: “Where the hell’s that voice coming from?” :cow:

If I can piggyback on this topic, people are now reaching to cows for hugs during the pandemic.

Maybe this is a painless way to achieve Herd Immunity.

To your room! Now!

Moooooooo…I mean, Booooooooo!

Well, of course. How are they supposed to eat the buttons off your shirt, or chew on your hair, via Zoom?

– and I am kind of surprised that the person who said cows never get in trouble is a farmer. But it may depend on the breed; I tend to know people who at least sometimes have heirloom breeds.

One of my cow-orkers (sorry, couldn’t resist) who’s a long-time friend owns a ranchette with a few cows.

When everything gets too crazy in the world he likes to go out in the pasture and lay down against one of the cows lying there under a tree. Awake or asleep, the cows are equally tranquil and inert. They’re warm, they breath slowly, and he says to himself “Buttercup here isn’t worried about Trump or global warming or Xi or layoffs or …” Calms him right down he says.

It’s nice sometimes to be like a cow.

Often, academics use this kind of study to milk additional grant money from funders.

I don’t blame them, nor do I think the study was udderly frivolous. The way I see it … there’s a lot at steak.

[I’ll show myself out]

You forgot “Try the veal.” :wink:

Cows can’t be all that tranquil and inert if they have their own space program.

I understand a Mars jump is tentatively scheduled to happen within the next five years.

Dogs look forward to the spectacle of it.

I, for one can’t wait to see the Mooon Lander they’ve developed.

That’s an udderly disgusting pun there @swampspruce!


They don’t need one. Apparently they’re capable of achieving escape velocity merely by leaping off the ground.

To be fair, it doesn’t require escape velocity to jump over the moon. Several thousand mph less than that should be sufficient.

Nevertheless they’ll be mooooving pretty darn fast.

Although with that much speed the Doppler shift on the way up may have them sounding more like infrasound. On re-entry it’ll be more of a shrill meeee followed by a very loud SPLAT!

By the way, I’m missing a dish and a spoon. It’s almost as if they ran off together.

I just hope it’s nice and flatware they wind up.

Be quiet everyone. My cat’s trying to tune his violin.