Cows would rather Talk to you in Person, Study Finds

They also produce their own rocket fuel so there’s that as well. Moooving on. I’m pretty sure Black ngus cows come from the Dark Side.

You mean …

I’ve ruminated over these posts, some of them turn my stomachs.

Are you sure you’re not just horny?

Of course cows would rather talk to you in person. How else can they securely tell you the milk expiration date?

(Whispers): December 28th. Shh.

Part of me thinks that this is related to Trump’s cutting loose the curds – yet another whey for him to ingratinate himself with Vladimir Poutine.

Leaving many Americans thinking … “How dairy sell out our allies like that.”

I’m thinking, “Don’t say Kamoola Harris…Don’t say Kamoola Harris…”