I wish I was a cow.

Moo. :dubious:

Except for the getting eaten thing, of course.

You could be the spokesman for a computer company.

Or dinner, of course…

Udderly ridiculous!


You’re a cow.


You’ve returned to us with a fascination with cows. I’d love to hear the back story behind this! :wink:

Would you like to be milked by hand or by machine, or is either one good for you?

[Eric Cartman]
NoClueboy’s a cow!
NoClueboy’s a cow!
[Eric Cartman]

And once you gave birth, you’d be decalfinated.

Such a beefy chap.

Ever heard of Bovine University?

No way! I had no idea such a place existed. :slight_smile:

Well, there I was, hours away from home, having just completed a pretty difficult remodel (so many existing problems we had to work around) with a group of very high strung and cocky perfectionists (the single most common quality for a good remodeler) dealing with some of the stupidest owner/operaters and local trades we’ve seen in a long time… and I passed a field of cows.

Well, it was actually a field of grass whithin which and upon were said cows. They looked liked they were having fun, just being cows and all, and I pondered on what such an existance might be like. I decided it might be nice, provided you didn’t know about the steaks and all.

Which is why we need to breed an animal that actually WANTS to be eaten. And is capable of saying so, clearly and distinctly.

We’re really milking this, aren’t we? ;j

Have you never actually met a woman? :smiley:

ohhhhhhhhh yeahhh baby

You wanna be a cow? I really doubt they know about the steak and all, being that they’re dumb as rocks. You do know that they’re so stupid they routinely eat nails, right?

Al Capp solved that problem decades ago with the Shmoo.

[zaphod]Great! Let’s meet the meat![/zaphod]

Okay, but you’d still be full of bull… :smiley:

That is so so so bad.

Can I use it??? :smiley:

I wish you were a cow, too.

I am Cow by Arrogant Worms :slight_smile:

Say it now

And say it loud:

I’m a cow

And I’m proud!

The Few, the Proud, the Cows