CPU Question: Hidden Files

I accidentally enabled an entire folder to be hidden instead of just its contents. Now I am unable to access this folder since I can’t “see” it. How can I remedy this situation?

First off… what does this have to do with a CPU? :wink:

Secondly… you didn’t mention what OS you’re working with… most windows variants enable you to adjust a setting to ‘see hidden files and folders’. On XP, you can get at it the following way… it’s similar for the other variants

  • Open up a windows explorer or ‘my computer’ window.

  • From the tools menu, select ‘folder options’

  • Go to the view tab and look for an option labeled ‘show hidden files and folders’ Click it and press the OK button

  • You should now be able to see any hidden file or folder in windows explorer or ‘my computer’ windows… their icons should be a little bit hazy or transparent to indicate their hidden status.

Hope this helps.

I wonder if this guy could be on a Mac.