Crack,Ouch, Thud!

Crack is the sound of the underwire of my bra breaking.

Ouch is the sound I made when the ends jabbed into me.

Thud is the sound of my boobie hitting my knees.

I was bouncing all the way home.

It sucks to be a girl sometimes.

Crack, huh? Was it one of those newfangled plastic underwires then? I’ve had a twang before, with ye olde metal boned types, but a crack, wow!

And what are we supposed to do when only one side breaks and we’re far from home, y’know? Do you sit crooked all day hoping no one will notice the one-sided droop? Run into the ladies to gnaw the fabric on the other side open and rip the still-functioning one out? Roll up the opposite pant leg and pretend it’s the latest ghetto fad?

It sucks to be a girl sometimes. :smack:

There’s a thread over in the Pit about boob size, started by a guy who likes 'em small. As a girl, I like my small ones, because I don’t need an underwire to keep things in place. So, for once, yay for an A-cup!

And sorry you had to go through that, dragongirl. Maybe it’s worth it to keep a spare in the glove compartment.

Thud? Thems some big girls, eh?

Cite? :smiley:

My girls suck all the time…

Too much? Yeah…

If there’s anything a chap can do to help… (hopeful smilie)

What I get all the time is that the underwires don’t break, but they poke through one end or the other of the little pocket they reside in, and therefore either stab me in the armpit, or start lifting up the middle of my shirt. Once, an underwire worked itself about halfway out without my noticing, and it looked like I had a metal “c” sprouting out of my cleavage. And once this happens, there is not fixing the damn thing. I’ve tried and tried sewing it up, sewing things over it, etc. Once it has sprung out it will ALWAYS spring out.