Cranes, not the bird, the big things on top of new buildings.TMI?

My husband is sometimes prone to tall tales. I can usually tell when he’s playing me, but this time I’m not sure.
He tells me, the operator climbs a ladder all the way to the top, and stays until his shift is over, which is six hours.
My question was, what about if nature calls? Where does he…[sub]pee[/sub]?
He tells me the operator wears a condom catheter, and pees in a bag or he uses some other disposable container.
Also, he says that’s the reason there are no female crane operators.

Tell me the truth… please. If he’s right, I’ll apologize. (I will too!)

That seems to be too elaborate for a few hours’ work, and a bottle is cheaper anyway. On the other hand, there is this fine product, now with female adaptor.

Can’t speak for crane operators, but what he told you is plausible.

My father was a career powerline contractor, or lineman. For much of his life, he spent his days up high in a bucket truck. In addition to the toolbag, all the linemen brought 2 gallon jugs: one full of water (because they’re out of the shade, working in long sleeve shirts with rubber gloves/sleeves that go all the way to the shoulders) and one to pee in. Generally one would be refilled and one emptied during the lunch break (on normal days. During the aftermath of hurricanes and such they’d be in the bucket for days on end.)

However, some linemen, like the one I worked with, had a habit of emptying their pee bucket from on high whenever the need arose. There would almost always be a yelled warning of “watch out for isolated showers” or whatever witty comment he could think of, sending us on the ground crew scrambling.

As for no female crane operators, I’d have to call BS. It’d be very simple to carry a pilot’s relief container with the female attachment in your gear.

There is a pisspot for women–it just has a funnel of a different shape. I don’t see that this would be a problem, since the crane operatir is alone in the control cabin. I’m wondering about #2 myself, though. An emergency could get nasty.

(Isn’t an actual catheter surgically implanted or at least inserted into a body opening?)

[singing] Anything you can do, I can do better! [/singing]

(I really want to get one of those for camping. But they’d work in cranes with a gallon jug, as well!)

Dude, you’re in a crane, like, maybe hundreds of feet up.

I don’t know of a single guy that would pee in a bucket when he could (after checking the wind direction) let loose out the door :slight_smile:

A condom catheter is a tube connected to a bag at one end and a heavy-duty condom at the other. We use them in the hospital all the time for LOM (little old men) who forget they shouldn’t pee in the bed.
Thank you one and all. I’ll apologize halfway. :rolleyes: He can be such a dork sometimes.

Denver, late 70’s. Crane operator had a porta-pottie installed on his crane. There was an article on it in the Post.

I work in a tall office building and have an opportunity to watch the window-washing rigs go by on a regular basis. They often have a jug of something yellow hanging there.

Could be apple juice but I doubt it. Those guys are up there for a long time without a pit stop.

Note that a great many cranes are now operated by remote control - the operator stands in good view of the work being done and manipulates a reasonably small electronic box that issues commands to the crane. No one has to climb a ladder and sit in the thing. This is thought to be generally safer and considerably more productive.

Yes, but I can’t imagine them urinating into the jug while perched just outside someone’s window. Or I can imagine it but I expect they’d get complaints.

That was what brought the subject up. We passed a construction site with one remote control and two manual cranes. the remote control was much smaller than the other two. Hubby drove through the construction site to show me the big ones had ladders, but no elevator. (It seemed logical to have one, to me)

Or maybe they just hold it? I often go a work day without using the restroom, and I’m usually at work more than 8 hours.

Now someone is going to tell me it means I’m chronically dehydrated or something.

Same here. If I peed before getting into that crane, it would be more than 6 hours before I had to go again.

Now that you mention it, I went many 12 hour shifts with no thought to any physical needs, cold coffee rotting in the corner, nothing to eat, and forget any thought to the bathroom. So, you could be right.

Six story cranes and a need to relive one’s self? Adds a whole new dimension to pee bombs.

And I don’t know a single guy who wouldn’t do this within 15 minutes of being up there. :smiley: