Crap foods you love

We have a brand of fudgesicles that come 12 to a box. They’re addictive, and I can finish a box in like 2 hours. I can only have a box every other day, because I’m not going to the store every day, and if I bought multiple boxes I wouldn’t be able to stop eating them til they were all gone.

Do. They are usually way better than Taco Smell. Toronto has awesome little food joints.

Look online for Jones brand. It comes in 8 individual slices. My mother bought it this way, though it is a bit spendy, but because it kept her from overeating the stuff.

That occurred to me after I posted my last. I could portion the chub into 2 oz condiment/salsa cups and freeze.

Takis. Cheap spicy kind of rolled-up chips. I could eat a bag at one sitting, and often used to do so.