Crap, we're being EVICTED!

After returning home from work, I picked up the mail in the lobby and idly perused through it as I walked to my door. I noticed that there was a letter from our leasing agent, so I slit it open and read it.

OK, that’s not exactly word for word, but you get the basic gist.

This sucks! We’re not ready to move. We had talked about buying, but we wanted to wait until I had a more steady employment situation and we had more money saved up. Moving is going to be difficult; buying the condo will be exorbitantly expensive.


Oh, gobear, I feel your pain. Mr. singular and I had exactly the same thing happen to us back in May, and we were totally unprepared. Fortunately, I had just got a tax refund of over $5000, so at least I had all that to finance the move. We did find a much nicer place that we love, although it does cost a bit more a month. I hope you have as much luck as we did relocating.
Best wishes!

Have you checked the rental laws for your state, gobear? Can your landlord legally give you a scant thirty days notice to vacate the premises?

Singular1: Thanks for the good thoughts.

JuanitaTech: It’s Virginia, and the 30-days clause is both legal and standard.

We are not happy.

So, if you’re not quite ready in 30 days, how long does it take until the sheriff shows up at your door?

This may be just the kick in the pants you needed to scram-a-voo to New York! Good luck!

Real estate sucks in NoVa.

Friend just bought a one bedroom condo… $171,000

If you guys need a double bed and some Molson to cry into, faites comme chez vous.

It seems to me that your lease should not be able to be broken. Usually when a landlord sells, the leases just transfer to the new owner. I know you mentioned 30 days is ok in VA, but are you sure what (s)he’s doing is legal? That 30 days for eviction notice maybe is only ok if you’ve done something wrong as a tenent?

Kalhoun: NYC would be nice, but that, too, is out of the reach at the moment.

Tramp, the asking price for our 2BR is $200,00. I just spoke to the bf and he thinks we should buy, and then save for a couple of years, move out, and use it as a rental property.

Matt, Un mille remerciments pour tu amitié.

The lease isn’t broken. Our lease expired in March, and we’ve been on a month-to-month rental basis since then. The landlord is well within his rights to do this, but naturally that doesn’t make the timing any more convenient.

I see…well, then condolences and good luck!

Sorry dude. On the bright side, maybe he’s right and the market will crumble, and you can buy something dirt cheap.

Good luck. I know you don’t want to hear it, but you might be better off. My rental house was sold in May (similar month to month situation.) I was told the new owners wanted my cash coming in. I have had nasty problems since as the owners have decided tenants are “too much responsibility.” Including no heat now and not to be fixed for another 10 days and a 15% rent increase. I am also looking to buy a house early next year so I am trying not to spend the $$$ to move - but had I known the new owners were going to change their minds so drastically so fast I would be long gone.


Good luck,Gobear.

I’d buy it. There is a crappy 2 bedroom I looked at in Colonial Village for 299,900

I’m sorry to hear about it Gobear, that’s a tough one.
Good luck to you.

Well, doesn’t that just suck. :frowning:

Hang tough, and all that. Not that you need to be told, and I’m sure you’ll do alright in the end. It sux anyway, though.

Getting booted from your HOME is not fair, especially when you did nothing wrong. Home is supposed to be sanctuary!

The bf and I talked last night, and we’re going to look into buying it. Swinging the financing is going to be tough. Any advice on homebuying?

Try something near Rte. 50 in Arlington, the prices are 3/4 of what they are in Clarendon/Ballston/Courthouse.