30-day notice: How long do you look for a new place?

A couple of days ago, I received a 30-day notice (I was on a month-to-month lease), because my other 3 roomates were moving out on their own this month and the landlord decided since 75% of the renters are gone anyway, he was going to rent out the whole house instead of individual rooms. I was disappointed, but knew that my lease conditions meant that this could have happened at any time.

The only bummer about it is that I feel ‘rushed’ finding a new place, since I might have been pickier if I was moving out by my own choice. I went on craigslist that night looking for places in my price range. I figured I might as well look for an even better deal than where I’m staying if I do have to go.

This past weekend I did look for several places, but I was really worried I’d find a place that was pretty good, hold off for something better, then have someone else get it before me. Honestly I’m not that keen on the room-rental market, but I know what I need/like from living here.

So of the places I checked out (5) I decided on, coincidentally the first one I looked at, and am moving on Memorial day. Another factor I was working on was also trying to make arrangements as early as possible, so I wouldn’t have to move at the last minute (and find a day that friends could help me move furniture :stuck_out_tongue: )

You may just have to take what you can get. Renting always runs the risk of being less than perfect.

You could push your landlord’s envelope and just not leave when he asks you to. It takes a while for the sheriff to get the legal paperwork together to have you removed bodily.

I’ve been known to move in less than 24 hours once; never took more than a couple weeks. There’s been several times that I knew I wanted the place right away but there were delays due to stuff like credit checks and whatnot. When I was looking for a place to buy, I spent about two days doing pre-work through the 'net, then saw an ad for a no-agencies sale stuck to a lamppost, it was within my price range, within my size range and within my list of ok locations… and that one from the lamppost was it.

Mind you, I’m female and have been known to do the same when buying clothes, so I’ve been told many times that I’m weird.

This has the small disadvantage of being in violation of the terms of a month-to-month lease and therefore illegal.

Also note that Incubus has found a new place and will be moving on Memorial Day.

I was given eighteen months to move so the six-family I had lived in for eighteen years could be turned into a church parking lot. I live in an area where rentals are hard to find and expensive.

It took me two phone calls to find an apartment in a better part of the city that was renting for unbelievably below the market rent with heat and hot water included.

Sometimes it is very good to be in real estate.

Just out of curiosity, I am curious how decent of a deal I got (both relative to other parts of the country, which are probably cheaper than the Bay Area, and other Bay Area dopers)

The room I rent in right now is 11’x10’, goes for $500/month, utilities are about $75 a month. There is no AC but there is a pool in the backyard and full privleges on all the common areas of the house. A roomate provided cable internet/wireless connection for everybody. That was supposed to go away when he moved (but since we’re all moving thats a moot point)

The room I’m moving into is only 10’x10’, but $475/month and utilities are paid- this makes it about $100/month cheaper. Still no AC either, similar sized house though in a nicer neighborhood (and the house interior is nicer).

Overall I think I’m better off anyway since it will be cheaper and most of the other things are about the same.