Crap! We've been robbed!`

My ideal home security systems take a hint from Bun-Bun. Note the last five panels and this strip. I’m sure the police would look the other way at such home defense.

I tell ya, the quality of criminals these days is just dreadful. Hmmm, take the 100lb $250 TV or the 1lb, $3,000 jewelry… tough choice. Don’t these people bring bags or anything? sheesh!

The only justice you can expect is that these losers will remain losers for the remainder of their pathetic little lives.

Just curious, what kind of speakers are considered irreplacable?

They’re old 1970s era audiophile speakers that Lady Chance’s father picked up for her in the early 80s. I’m stunned at the quality of these things.

OK, I’m sure I could replace them. But it would be…different.

A man can have a solid relationship with his speakers, you know.

seconding the suggestions to act on this quickly. If it is teens (and it does sound like them), the chance of them returning is pretty high.

Snookie got hit by the local teens (they eventually got caught), they came back 3 times. He knew it was teens the first time 'cause of the stuff they took (tv, vcr, beer, Playboy, tokens for the local video arcade).

Sympathies to you Jonathan.

Never thought of it that way. Call me naive. I imagined the burglars taking the antique books home and, well, treasuring them. (Which is what I’d do. I’d make a terrible, or at least exceptionally bookish, burglar, I guess).

FWIW, my mother had some device installed that switches lights on and off randomly when she’s away overnight. No burglaries since that one.

Geez, JC. That stinks. Sorry about your losses, but happy that a) nothing irreplaceable was taken and b) nobody was home to be hurt by the burglars.

Very sorry to hear of it, dude. The 5-0 aren’t going to do anything further about it. May I make a suggestion?

If you can, quietly approach one of your neighborhood teenagers and offer him or her a decent wad of cash if they can find out anything about what happened. Try to pick a girl; boys being boys, it’s less likely that she did it herself.

If you do find out who did it, you may want to consider making a fair “exchange” with the perpetrator, rather than returning to the police with the information. Chances are the cops still won’t move on your case, especially if you out-Sherlock them. This was what happened to a friend of mine when we successfully identified the person who broke into his home.

Fortunately, we made an informal arrangement with the person in question. He paid a generous price for the goods he could not return to us, and further burglarizing was curtailed due to a temporarily loss of mobility.

Why do I have a feeling Sofa just euphemized “beat him to an inch of his life”?

Anyways, sorry to hear that, JC. Hopefully, with criminals that ignorant, they’ll deliver themselves to the cops.

Lead pipe or automobile? :smiley:


gosh, glad others spelled it out for me. I figured “temp loss of mobility” meant they either had to sell their car in order to repay them or their folks had taken it away.

I’ll go over here and play with the balloons and teddy bears now.

Or, John and I are just jaded, cynical souls who always jump to the worst conclusions. :slight_smile:


Yeah, 'cause having a gun in the house would have helped when he wasn’t home. :rolleyes:

This is not a knee-jerk anti-gun post. Rather, this is a response to a knee-jerk pro-gun post. We will now return you to your original programming

The Kitty House was hit once, several years ago. They got a few small things, and a shotgun Mr. Kitty owned. Funny thing, they only went through the first few rooms. Once they hit the library (which they would have had to go through to get to the two rooms with the really nice stuff in it), they apparently turned tail and ran. Hmmmm… what could two pagans have in their library that would freak a criminal out?

The houses on our street have been hit numerous times since then… no matter the security system, no matter how many dogs. But the Kitty Home has only been broken into that once (despite annual weekend camping trips and several week-long vacations over the years). It’s actually the talk of the neighborhood- the police have been by to ask us about our security practices, since we’re so crime-free in a high-crime area. ::snicker::

Sorry you were the recipient of such stupidity, JC.


Well, we got home tonight and there wasn’t a follow up hit. I admit I was wondering.

And I got an incredibly long-winded voice mail from a county detective about how he’s been assigned the case and needs to speak with me. Frankly, I appreciate the effort but I truly doubt it’s going to do any good.

JC - yea, it’s a good sign you weren’t hit today, but, um, er, keep the vigilence up for a while, ok?

Hey! If the detecive is talking to you, that’s a great sign. Obviously, you don’t live in Fairfax. Not that the event I described above happened there, oh, no.

…And while the phrase “beat the ever-lovin shit out of him” appeared in my my first preview, that was a helpful suggestion, not connected in any way with my first post.

Good heaves! JC, I’m sorry you got hit, but I’m so glad to hear that your youngun, Lady Chance, and you are alright.

That’s so creepy!! Thank God nobody was home to "surprise’ them!!
Was this done in broad daylight!!? The police must know who in your neighborhood has criminal tendancies–drugs (sell the goods for drug money) DUI, Loud parities, SOMETHING! I can’t imagine someone would just wake up one morning and decide to do this!! If these are kids, arent’ their vigilant and responsible (HAHA) parents going to notice this stash in there rooms? You’ve GOT to be wondering why me? Why not my neighbor? Do you think they were scoping you out to get a pattern of when you could be home? I hope to here soon that these punks were nailed! They don’t sound too bright, but you might want to make sure they didn’t rifle through any of your bills for credit card numbers.

Ah… Signs of summer are upon us in the “hill country”. I guess this means that I can expect our mail center to be broken into again. You’ve probably been hit by the same local yahoos who rampage through my development every time it starts to get warm.

Just the other day, I saw the little pricks drinking in our community center parking lot. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before they start breaking glass bottles in the kiddie pool again. Little bastards!
It sucks that this happened to you, and I hope they find the fucking monsters and lock them up. I don’t want to deal with them again this summer.