Crazy dreams

I had what I can only assume was an anxiety dream last night. I don’t remember the context, other than that I checked my credit score and it had dropped to the low 400s at all three bureaus. :open_mouth:

I was freaking out and VERY glad when I woke up to find it was just a dream.

I don’t want to say this, because you’re Opal Cat and the rest of the board will kill me,
but I hate you.

<Pullet storms away in huff with her crappy credit score>

My credit score isn’t that hot, trust me. I had fairly bad credit when I was married, and since becoming single and responsible for my own finances have been hoisting it back up. It’s in the upper 600s now (not great, but no longer tragic), with only one negative item (which is years old–just waiting for it to drop off now). My boyfriend’s credit score makes mine look like utter crap. I think now it’s mostly a matter of so much of my credit being too new.

I hate the whole credit score thing. As you can tell by the dream, it stresses me right the hell out :frowning:

I also, since going back to college, have had a few of the cliche “going to school naked” dreams, if you can believe it. At age 35. :rolleyes:

Anxiety dreams suck.

I had a kind of amusing dream a couple of weeks ago about an unfair tortilla throwing contest.

Ok. I feel better now. How strange, the cat making the chicken feel better. :stuck_out_tongue:

I had a dream the other night about suddenly inheiriting several large and well maintained Victorian-era brick buildings on a hill somewhere nice in Europe from a heretofore unknown dead uncle.

Man, I hate money troubles.

Last night I dreamed that the lease on the loft I rented with my two cousins was up that day but we hadn’t even STARTED to pack shit up. Nevermind the fact that I don’t live in a loft with my two cousins, and that one of them doesn’t even live in the same state as me.

It was a pretty damn cool loft, though, if not for the fact that it was just one big room, and we used curtains hung from the ceiling for separate “bedrooms.”

The night before I dreamed I was having sex with some blond girl I’d never seen before (that is to say, in real life it wasn’t a face of anyone I know, but in the “dream world,” as it were, it seemed that I knew her.) Also, she lived in an underground bunker of some kind of had a tongue piercing. If only I could score chicks that cool in real life.

I have a lot of “house dreams” which involve house hunting. I tend to find the absolute coolest houses, with secret passages, hidden rooms, or just really great surprises like turning a corner in the hall and there’s a two story wood-paneled library-ish room with skylights and a fireplace… In one such dream I was totally in love with the house and totally about to make an offer, when we got to the upstairs and I discovered it had no roof.

Several years ago, my parents were moving from one state to another, and spent 2 days house-hunting. Evening of the second day, they called the realtor and said “We’ll take House X”. That night, Mom had a nightmare involving House X–couldn’t find the garage or something. She called the realtor first thing in the morning and said “Cancel House X. Let’s try House Y instead”.

She’s had a few regrets about House Y, but none at all about not buying House X.

This is just odd.

One night a dream of mine involved hurrying through an old-fashioned nightclub, the kind you see in movies from the forties. It was a big place, with several different lounge/performance areas. Pretty fancy decorating. I don’t remember why I was in a rush.

But as I was hurrying through one of the lounges, I recognized the singer: Billie Holliday. Cool! Special celebrity guest appearance in my dreams!

Then I realized that the song she was singing was. . .

The theme to Speed Racer. Yeah, the japanese cartoon.

And she was kickin’ it. I actually stopped to listen. I wish a recording of it existed in real life.

And it was better than the next room, where the song of choice was a pretty bad cover of “The Locomotion”. . .

Performed by Little Eva Braun.

Yes, Hitler’s love interest, belting out “The Locomotion” in a really bad German pseudo-accent from a crappy WWII movie. Yeek.

I got out of THAT room rather quickly.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m prone to strange dreams.

I had a very bizarre one last night.

I dreamed that I was Aquaman and that I was sneaking naked through what seemed like the ruined remains of an old castle, trying avoid being seen. The thing is, the ruins were somehow being used as the campus of a boys’ private middle school so they were crawling with young boys in school uniforms. I made my way to a large hall in the center of the ruins. Before going in, I found a blue cape on the ground outside and put it on.

It seems that the building was being used as a dining hall, because it was lined with long tables and there were kids eating at them. Near the door, there was a green plastic wading pool, about 5 feed across with about 6 inches of water in it. I sat down in the pool and wrapped my cape around me.

A kid came up to me and started accusing me of beating him with a jellyfish that I realized I was carrying. A crowd of kids gathered around and start yelling at me until another boy pointed out that he didn’t have any sting marks on him where he claimed that I had hit him, only a bruise that looked like someone had thrown an ashtray at him. The crowd quickly dispersed after that revelation and someone took my jellyfish with them.

I scooted my pool over to a small table in the corner where I found Superman and Batman eating chili. Superman made some remark about not liking his chili very hot. I laughed at him and he “spilled” his whole bowl on me.

After that, I don’t remember anything. If dreams really do reveal secret truths about our subconscious minds, I don’t want to know what that one says about me.

I was last in school in 1993 and I still regularly have school nightmares. But the “can’t find an acceptable toilet” one is the worst. From these boards I know I am not alone!

I don’t usually dream about money troubles.

I still have those, and I am nearly 60. I also have the “taking a test that I haven’t studied for” school nightmare and the “on stage and I can’t remember my lines” horror. It’s strange that some kinds of anxiety persist long after the initial source of the anxiety is gone.

I have a lot of house dreams too and I love them. They’re my favorite dreams to have. I especially enjoy the hidden rooms. Sometimes I dream about work and finding a really cool hidden room that I immediately demand be made into my office.

Lately I seem to be stuck dreaming either that my husband is cheating on me or that I suddenly have a baby I don’t remember being pregnant with. I hate the cheating ones and it always takes me a while after I wake up to get over being pissed off. A few years ago I had a dream that he was cheating and to top it off, I had a severed head in my bowl of chips. (Wait, that’s not dip!) In the baby ones, I’m always really stupid, like, “Let’s see here, now what am I supposed to do with this?”

My house dreams are usually about the closet in my room growing up–it’s bigger with hidden cubbies full of interesting things.

My dad has had a beard and moustache as long as I’ve been alive. A couple weeks ago, I dreamed that he shaved it off, and underneath, he looked exactly like Thomas Dewey.

If a closet gets opened in any dream of mine, it means I am late for something, but am nevertheless going to spend the rest of the dream trying on pieces of clothing and never finding the right ones.
I do enjoy “going back to college” dreams, though. I always get that fresh, anticipatory excitement.

I never have “going back to graduate school” dreams like that. Wonder why.
Last night I was renting this huge wonderful apartment, but realized at the last minute that umpteen people were on their way over and I was expected to provide food and drinks for the weekend.

I just dreamed last night that the two people who were interviewing me for summer jobs (one today, one tomorrow) phoned me up to tell me I hadn’t gotten them after all, and I was weeping floods and floods and sobbing hysterically.

Crazy, right? …right?

:eek: I have those, where the hours just keep passing and I’m STILL not dressed for leaving the house.

Unfortunately mine consist of having one day to pack an impossible amount of stuff or my father will be mad, and then when I get there I can’t find the building to get my keys or class assignments, and my dorm room is impossible to find or get into.

I once had a dream where I ended up going back to college as a sophomore with a baby. (No, babies were not allowed in the dorm. Nor were you supposed to attend college while pregnant, which wasn’t a problem because I was never pregnant).

In my dream, Julie, a friend from college–newly graduated-- showed up on my doorstep with her newish husband Paul (whom I had attended junior high with, but hadn’t seen in at least 3 years) and a newborn baby. Would I babysit for a few days while she took Paul to whichever Air Force Base he was supposed to report to? Sure, with a little help from my mother.

I then got to observe Julie and Paul being involved in a fatal car accident --lots of flames.

And for the final sequence of the dream, I was trying to get the door to my dorm building open, while holding a carrier with a baby in it and wondering how in the world I was going to manage to attend classes and raise a baby.

There is something comforting about knowing that other people have really crazy dreams as well!!

Two night ago I dreamed that I received a call from my aunt that my cousin’s new baby was dead. Then I segued into seeing how the baby died. I watched as toys and pieces of clothing and a variety of other things were pulled from the baby’s mouth. They were obviously put there by the 4 year old “big brother”.

Then if that wasn’t strange enough the same night I dreamed that the baby died because the big brother was trying to be helpful and put a pillow in the cradle and just happened to cover the baby’s face.

Last I heard the baby is fine!!

I haven’t had one in years; but, I used to have the “school” dreams too!

Sometimes I would dream that I would go to school and be hanging up my coat in my “cubby” and I would have forgotten to put clothes on.

I would also have the dreams about being in a production and it was opening night and somehow I had never attended a rehearsal and didn’t know my lines or the blocking.

Thanks, Opal for the thread!

Last night I kept dreaming that various inanimate objects (blinds, clothing, etc) were trying to communcate and I kept trying to figure out how to set up a device to understand them.