Crazy Ivan post..

All STOP crazy ivan… peace out dudes!

What the fuck?

Sadly, this is just not as surreal as the Burning your dog post. I give it 3 stars.

Stop posting high or drunk, Moron.

Ivan tactics people got to find what going on behind me… you’re not listening are you?

Am i? I think you are… watch it now.

Fire torpedos!!


You don’t know crazy Ivan?!

Ah, they’re 1920’s style “Deathsky rays”.

Ah you got it! Got to watch your back… it’s a bitch liv’n like dat!

Sadly, in the context of this thread, but my parents decided to christen me “Ivan” - I prefer Ive (as in it rhymes with ‘dive’) - but anyway you look at it, I had to open this thread to find out if it related to me in any way.

I doesn’t… but arguably I’m pretty crazy at any rate.

P.S. My father’s Austrian. Why couldn’t I have been called Dieter or summin like that?

i’ve was a in the USSR navy… whatever that is… a good tactician.

Austrian eh? Let’s throw a few shrimp… on the BAR B Q!!!

crazy ivan is burning my dog??

Only if he gets the chance… mannnnnn!

…after all he is crazy

Ah, it’s time for Michael Ellis to post again.

Please tell me? You do know the difference between Austria and Australia, don’t you? Or did I just read a really lame “Dumb and Dumber” reference?

Ah, it’s time for Michael Ellis to post again.

Ah, it’s time for Michael Ellis to post again…

well i’d like to think so… but :

i guess I’m not getting to respect I need as usual… oh well, prove myself backwards all over again here ya go…