Crazy or healthy girlfriend?

I had this girlfriend a long time ago… She had an alternate split personality who was evil, sorta like the Tara TV show. I rarely heard from her, and she switches back and forth sometimes every 10 seconds. She would have conversations out loud between her two alternates, while I was gone. This helps her resolve fears. She’s on 5mg Paxil. I asked why speak out loud? Why not just think the dialog? She said it’s important to say it out loud.

There was a long conversation about my leaving for a few days between them. I was not a participant or observer. The evil one wrote on the calendar I’d be back in 30 days. The nice one was not aware of the notation and knew I’d be back in 5, as I had estimated. Writing it was an attempt to communicate to the other. Not to me, as I don’t look there.

Crazy or healthy?

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Well, if she’s talking to herself out loud people may perceive her as “crazy” although I suppose since so many people have Bluetooth devices and headsets for their phones, maybe nobody would notice that she’s talking to herself (or her other personality).

I would imagine she has some form of Dissociative Identity Disorder based on your brief description. I hope she is receiving treatment for it (she must be if someone prescribed her an anti-depressant) and is able to care for herself/function in society.

Keep in mind though that this disorder is extremely rare and some of the more famous cases (Sybil for example) may have not actually been that, so it’s possible she has some other disorder and was just telling you that she has multiple personalities.

Were they good in bed?

Why, exactly, do you feel this even needs to be up for a popular vote? How many people in your childhood acted in this fashion that you might even consider calling it normal behavior?