Crazy video projection on Prague's astrological tower clock

OK, I’ve just got to share this video of a video projection on Prague’s astrological tower clock celebrating it’s 600th anniversary. There are definitely some creative fucking people out there. I’m just wondering how one tests something like that out without giving away the whole project. Maybe they built a miniature for the production testing and then ran a few alignment tests on the real thing. Was that some defenestration going on there?

That was excellent!

That was definitely impressive, though I do have to wonder just how impressive it would have remained in person without the fact that it was filmed suppressing depth perception for the stuff like the top of the tower falling, or parts of it moving…

Wicked awesome. I’m impressed just by how clear and crisp the projection is - let alone the art therein!

Man, I was just in Prague! Can’t watch video at work; will watch at home.