Crazy Wild Commute (or why car drivers hate motorcyclist)

This person won’t live long, but he sure sure made an exciting video.

Is it just me, or does anyone else just wish someone would have to open their door to puke or something, not knowing the guy was coming?

I hope someone posts the video he’s making when he becomes a pizza.

I feel bad for the guy who is driving the car under which his hurtling body will eventually come to rest.

What’s the big deal? Looks like every motorcyclist I see around here. :slight_smile:

As a motorcyclist, I want to kick this guy’s ass.

The problem is that all you’ll see is some object looming and then the camera will go blank very suddenly. You’ll need a different video to see an asshole’s asshole spread over 3 km.

I don’t see them (the crazies that is) around here so much as feel them, as they overrev their engines on the nearby thoroughfare at 3am in the morning.

Anybody remember the video with two guys climbing the radio tower? It was scary because the height, but you understood that it was a calculated risk to get to the top and back, and they weren’t taking any unnecessary risks. The motorcyclist, on the other hand, is a fugitive from the law of averages*

*With apologies to Bill Mauldin.

Maybe thats why he is driving like a madman. He’s got Death hot on his heels.

At least four or five times, a few inches less clearance or a driver decides to make a crossing turn and that video would have ended prematurely. Ugh, what an idiot.

For anyone who hasn’t seen it, here it is. NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART!

You and me both. For the other 98% of motorcyclists, we don’t ride this way. That’s also the problem, only a few idiots do and then the rest of us get painted with the same brush, or worse not seen at all.


Weapons grade stupid generally doesn’t last long. Hopefully he doesn’t take someone else with him when he goes.

As an aside in Dallas recently police found a motorcycle going by itself on I20. The rider has not been found yet.

So he’s a 2%-er?

Not for long.

I suspect that the playback speed of that video has been monkeyed with. At certain parts of the video, you can see the needle of the speedometer on the low end, but the motorcycle seems to be going really fast. Especially through some of those tight squeezes. Also, there are times that you can see the left hand squeezing the clutch for long periods of time.

In other words, what appears to be a motorcycle going 90 MPH through slow moving traffic might really be a motorcycle going 15 MPH through stopped traffic.

That wasn’t the speedometer. It’s the tachometer.