Create your own marketing disaster

Hershey’s has come out with their own version of M&Ms which some crack fueled marketing people decided should be called Hershey Drops. I know! :eek:

I suggest they go one step further. Let’s have them make a chocolate pudding snack that comes in a tube and you can squeeze out the amount you want. We can call it Hershey Squirts.

Create your own!

I’m not in a creative mood, but I remember a Spy magazine prank of some years ago where they solicited PR firms’ advice on an idea for a new fast food chain, Bunny Burgers. Spy is long gone, but the article lives on online.

The producers of Futurama decide to make a spin off board game starring everyone’s favorite Alien Overlord of Omicron Persei 8, Lrrr. In the game you get a choice to either fight for or against Lrrr. They name the game HAIL! or HIT LRRR!

“I have this amazing quantity of string, 122,000 miles of it to be exact, but due to bad planning, the 122,000 miles is in three-inch lengths.”

Or there’s always Mud Gum, the gum with an artificial mud flavor.

(Ideas stolen from Monty Python and The Kids In The Hall, respectively.

Gum ‘n’ Nuts.

Little androids that help you with your sewing work.

Want make sewing less of pain in the ass?! Buy our amazing Hem Roids!

available in red and brown only.

I’m sure it’s been done, but I’d love to name a restaurant Sam & Ella’s.

I know this is cheating but I nominate an actual attempt:

Failed marketing ploys.

“I cuss, you cuss, we all cuss for asparagus.”

I have a friend who has plans for a retail liquor supermarket chain in Saudi Arabia. Once they get off the ground, they will expand into Kuwait, Yemen, Iran, Libya and Qatar.

For a can’t-miss brand extension, I think TPTB here should introduce a cannabis-free form of marijuana called The Straight Dope.

Missouri Loves Company

Perfidia Financial-- We Treat Your Money Like It’s Our Money.

Perfidia Financial, a wholly owned subsidiary of Perfidious Albion, a division of Barclays PLC.

Is that like the hair salon Turn Your Head and Coif?