Creating links for e-mails

In this thread, Portia linked to a web page. I noticed I could copy and paste the link into a blank page to e-mail using MSN mail using the phrase that Portia created here. Is there anyway I can link to web pages using phrases that I create with MSN mail?

If you are using the online Hotmail/MSN mail (that’s the only kind of MSN mail right?)…

Go to compose a new email or reply to an email. When you get to the page where you’re going to be typing the email, look to see if you have the “toolbars” at the top of the area where you write the email message.

If you DON’T, click on Tools at the top there, where a menu will come down. You want to select “Rich Text Editor ON” (if it says OFF then it’s already on…)

Once that’s on, type your email. When you get to your phrase, type the phrase. Then highlight the phrase by holding down the left mouse button while you drag the pointer across it. Then go up to that “toolbar” at the top of the message box, and you’ll see an icon that is a page with a chain link on it. It’s to the left of the Paint Bucket. Click that and a box will come up for you to type in the link for your phrase. When you’ve typed the link, hit “Insert” and you will see your phrase is now a link! :slight_smile:

Hopefully that helped. Sorry if I seem patronizing - I don’t know your skill level so better just explain it thoroughly. :smiley:

Hmm, I don’t see “tools” anywhere. I also don’t see a page with a chain link on it or a paint bucket.

Found it. :smack:

Thanks. Is there anyway to do that using Outlook Express?

I didn’t even think I had OE but here’s what I found:

Click “Create Mail” to make a new email.
Click on “View” in the menu at the very top, then Toolbars, then click “formatting bar” to put a check next to it.
A toolbar like on MSN will pop up in the message window - the hyperlink button is second-to-last on that bar and works just like MSN.

Alternatively, you can type the phrase you want, highlight it, and go to “Insert” on the very top menu and then “Hyperlink…”

This is Outlook Express 6…I have never actually used OE before so I can’t tell you how it works on older versions.

ZipperJJ- You’re awesome!