Creating Words for Sounds

Some people are really good at making up new words for sounds, like scheeeeeeeech. What are the best ones you know?

meep! meep!

whopwhopwhopwhopwhopwhop… (distant helicopter)

flormp flormp flormpflormpflormp flormp (horse raises his tail and…)

schwhump! (horse takes treat)

boyyyyyyyynnnnnng - large spring droped on concrete

ZzzZzzzzZzzzZzzzzzzzz - fly buzzing around your head

Don Martin of Mad magazine has to have been one of the great world classics at this.

The one that’s always stuck in my mind is:
…The sound of one breast popping out of an over-tight dress.

Oh yes, MAD magazine was (is?) the master of the phonic. I remember one they had:

foynk - sound of a fart in the bathtub

I do it all the time, but I can’t spell them. Just ask Orange Skinner

wahwahwonnnngabippitybapbap! (This is the sound of my high school boyfriend’s glass pack carbuerator thingie.)

badonkadonk (ba-donk**’**-a-donk’), noun: the sound of an ample derierre as the owner walks or shakes her hips; adj.: describing a glutally well-endowed woman; syn: bootylicious, callipygous.

Fwhoooooooobwik! – the sound made by lifting one’s foot out of a sea of muck

I’m not sure I’ll ever watch Pinky and the Brain the same way again. :eek: :wink:


(sound of an orange hitting a concrete wall at high speed)

(as told to me by a German friend)

rrrrrrputpuputputputputputput - farting on a plastic chair

kathud - getting knocked out by the fart

Mawwwwwwwww n Pawwwwwww - Riding out first and second gears on a manual transmission.

Grandddddddddddddddpappy - Downshifting one gear too many.

Whooooooff The sound made when flammable gases are ignited in a non constrained place (outdoor grille).

ArnnnNNNNNN. BEP The sound made when a motor is locked, overloading, and the protector trips.

Holy onomatopoeia, Batman!

Biff!!! Baff!!! Zowie!!!