Creature Feature! Halloween poll !

If you could wish that one fictional movie creature became real, what/who would it be?

I would wish for Japanese Godzilla. I prefer the 90’s version of the big G, or Godzilla 2000, but NOT that stupid American/Hollywood Godzilla. Eccchhh!

The house I live in/grew up in, is near some very large hills. The bathroom window faces the hills. When I was a kid, I used to have dreams that I would go to the bathroom, and while I was, I would look outside and see Godzilla was coming up over the hills, straight towards my house. He was coming to get me! :eek: I would try to hide but Godzilla knew where I was, and would peer through the bathroom window, just like the T-Rex in Jurassic Park does to the SUV. I’ll never forget the one where I dreamed Godzilla was coming over the hills on the hill-end of the house, and King Kong was approaching from the opposite end. :eek: Sounds cheesy, would YOU want your house to be the wrestling ring for two, 200 ft tall monsters? :rolleyes:

Eddie the Head from the Iron Maiden CD covers! just cause he has killed loads of women and stuff doesn’t make him THAT bad of a guy! :cool:

Godzilla? I won’t visit Tokyo if he gets in.

Mighty Joe Young is the guy. Nicer than King Kong (my second choice) – huge, clever, and sympathetic.

The big puffy guy from Ghost Busters!

That would be The Sta-Puft Marshmallow Man

Gotta be a vampire, probably Dracula, although I don’t know which version. Hmm, early Christopher Lee? Gary Oldman in his Grateful Dead get-up? One of the powerful, sexy ones, anyway.

How about the girl the boys created in Wierd Science!

Hubba hubba! :smiley:

The Goblin King from Labyrinth. Sara was a fool to give that up.

I’d like to see a handful of fire-breathing dragons walking the Earth. Slaying them could open up an entirely new line of business for guys like me. Have sword, will travel.

Gizmo from Gremlins. i’d make an army of mogwai’s to do my bidding (much like my infamous butler monkey) and if they try’d to eat after midnight, WHAM! They get the STICK!

No doubt - Gamera rules!
How can you beat a jet powered fire breathing turtle?!

I’d like to see that guy with that mansion with all those beautiful women that always run around naked.

What, Hugh who? Real you say? Wow…

I agree with diesel. Definetely “Gizmo”. He was just too cool and cute. Handyman’s choice is the best but I don’t my old lady would keep her. :wink:

I meant to “wouldn’t” let me keep her.