Giant killer whatchamacallits in horror movies: What are your ideas?

I’m not talking about Godzilla size type stuff here. This is more about semi-realistic giant size killer whatsits running amok. Try to use a real critter that has not been used before.

I think a horror movie about giant mutant killer EARWIGS would be interesting and disturbing for me. I abhorr earwigs. I’m not exactly afraid of them, just appalled by them. I imagine them in a horror film being about eight to ten inches in length, from head to pincer tips. Egads, I’m squirming already. Those things are so friggin ugly!!! The movie earwigs would do all the gory stuff of urban legend, like boring into the skull through the ear canal and eating brains. Eeeeeewwwww! BRB I need to run to the home improvement store and buy a flamethrower. :::shudder:::

How about giant bedbugs, have you ever seen enlarged photos of those ?

How do you know a giant bedbug is in your bed - there’s a big B on his pyjamas.

MSK - Giant whatchamacallits - Time machine and a million bucks - Sex in strange places - Looney Tunes physics. . .

I’m not saying you’re not extremely entertaining today … what I am saying is where did you get the shit you’re smoking, and did you bring enough for the whole class?

And I’d like to see six foot Fleas hopping around all over the place.

Probably has been done, but I’ve never seen it - Giant killer mosquitos.

Woo Hoo!!! Yes, it’s been done! It’s called Skeeter, and the biggest star it has is a toss-up between Charles Napier and Melanie Griffeth’s half-sister Tracy. It boasts some of the suckiest camera work ever. Saw it on Monstervision, with Joe Bob Briggs. God I love crappy movies.

I vote for those wasps that lay eggs in other insects and spiders and whatnot, having the larvae eat their way out when they’re hatched. Except giant-sized, they’d use people (of course). That could be fun… Um, on screen, that is.

[slight hijack] have you seen * ** The Night of the Lepus * ** (I think) about the giant maurading bunny rabbits starring DeForest Kelly??? [/slight hijack]
and, frankly, I, too was wondering, is school out or something??? (re all these new threads - not that they weren’t entertaining…)

I would like to see giant killer rotifers. They draw you in their mouth by the “tentacles” (cilia) that surround the opnening to the digestive tract, and then chew you up with their jaws. You would want to use a species that’s transparent so when they are wandering around looking for new prey you can see the half-digested bodies of the previous victim still in their stomach.

I have a tick phobia. Also leeches. The Giant Bloodsucking Parasites Who Ate Rush Limbaugh’s Mutant Garbage would be pretty frightening.

Come to think of it, so would a movie about Rush Limbaugh.

I wouldn’t mind a movie about The Tick.

Okay, let’s see – They’ve already don giant ticks and giant leeches (Attack of the Giant Leeches – so bad it ended up on MST3K). I think the giant whatzits in Deep Rising were supposed to be magnified microcopic beasties, kinda like rotifers (effects by computer animation)

A few giant thingies:

Snails (The Monster that Challenged the World, and Snails) (Look – a Giant Snail! Walk for your Lives!!!)

Grasshoppers (Beginning of the End, and The Cosmic Mnters)

Ants (Them! and The Empire of the Ants - with Joan Collins!)

Spiders (Tarantula and Earth Vs. the Giant Spider and The Giant Spider Invasion and lots of others)

Bunny Rabbits (Night of the Lepus, as already pointed out)

Rats, chickens, and assorted others (Food of the Gods I and II)

Shrews (The Killer Shrews)

Women (Attack of the 50-foot Woman, The 40-foot Bride of Candy Rock, Attach of the 50 ft Centerfold)

Men (Amazing Colossal Man, War of the Colossal Beast)

Teenagers (Village of the Giants)

Kids (Honey, I Blew up the Kid)

Scorpions (The Black Scorpion, Clash of the Titans)

I’m sure there are other candidates, like water beetle larvae and bladderworts and turtles.

SEE! Rodents the size of your thumb grow to terrifying proportions!

SQUEAL! As they go on a gnawing rampage!

QUIVER! In revulsion at just how damn ugly they are!


Attack of the hundred-foot naked mole rats from Kenya!!


**RE: Earwigs–**They were one of the first giant animals noticed in the novel “Food of the Gods”, but I never saw the movie versions, so don’t know if they were in there.
Insects in general get my vote. Anything fast and spindly.


Or how about slugs?

Been there, done that.

Wring and CalMeachem, you are both posters after my own heart. Or at least wretched taste in movies…

Night of the Lepus with the killer attack bunnies is a gem, a fall-off-the-couch-laughing GEM.

And (buffs nails modestly), I just happen to own my own copy of The Killer Shrews. The special effects are so dismal the giant, mutant shrews are quite unmistakably romping, tail-wagging dogs.

Blissful sigh. The giant marshamallow man in GhostBusters almost pales in comparison.

Expanding on the thought though…Spam; huge, pink, glistening blocks of Spam, dropped onto cities, rotting in the sun.

Or mutant, huge and disgusting: Rush Limbaugh.


“Slugs” insufficiently wretched??? Or am I being dissed here?
Veb, you wound me… :frowning:

“Slugs” insufficiently wretched??? Or am I being dissed here?
Veb, you wound me… :frowning:


No, no, Dijon! Would I wound someone with such a sneaky, sideways SN? (Took me two beats, then I cracked up laughing, but haven’t recoverd from SN Envy yet.)

“Slugs” is truly wretched, indeed! Though I wouldn’t say that too loudly, given the real dissing in the Pit over The Artist Still Known As Slug.

But to continue…it’s just not as dippy, as screwily stupid as giant attack bunnies. Though Jimmy Carter may disagree.

Bowing to Dijon’s stellar wretchedness,

You must see “Night of the Lepus.” When the giant bunnies attack people, they do an extreme close-up and dub in lion roars. Hah hah hah.

DeForest Kelley, huh? Did he have any good lines? “I’m a doctor, Jim, not a…”

I haven’t seen the movie, but I hear that it has a great line: “There’s a hoard of killer rabbits coming this way!”
Any others? Any jokes about how the rabbit died?

And lion roars, huh? I really have to see this film!