Your lamest sci-fi / horror monsters

Couldn’t make heads or tales of this one:

Just scroll to near the end.

There seems to be something wrong with your link. Not much scrolling to be had, no content, just the title stuff and a photo or video of a monster of some sort.

Lamest? That’s a tough call.

There was the killer tree in From Hell It Came.

There were the spiders in The Giant Spider Invasion.

There were the title characters in Roger Corman’s magnum opus, Attack of the Crab Monsters.

Definitely the cheap gorilla suit/diving bell combo that is…Robot Monster!

Robot-Monster.jpg (1778×1135) (

Everyone always says that’s a diving helmet. That ain’t no diving helmet. It looks to me like a cuspidor that’s been turned over on its side.

Verry, very loosely based on a pretty good book, The Year of the Angry Rabbit.

Another Corman special: The creature from It Conquered The World.

The Creeping Terror - Carpet terror! [] Edit: Beat to it by Running_coach

The Blob (1958) Red Jello!

The Green Slime - Green Jello! Wooo…even as a kid I knew Luciana Paluzzi was HOT!

To be fair, the above Jello monsters gave me nightmares in the 60’s!

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes - Okay, this is meant to be funny and it is!

“Attttttack of the Killer Tomatoes, Attttttack of the Killer Tomatoes!”

Odd - just tried the link again and it went right to the video.

John Frankenhiemer must have been hard up for some quick cash at the time with “Prophecy”, a weak film based on a pulpy book, but producing, though, maybe the greatest SUDDEN NASTY ending to a film, ever, with this thing.

Gotta go with the Lepus.

Triffid or Tribble?
…and…for the treble?

I was just noticing an incredibly lame monster last night in a very brief clip in Midnight Cowboy and wondering what it was from. Anybody know? (I’m wondering if it is the inspiration for the included toy.)

Attack of the Eye Creatures

Attack of the Giant Leeches

The Killer Shrews

Actually, it’s a prop space helmet from some other movie like Radar Men from the Moon.

The seaweed-men monsters from Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea most weeks were pretty darn lame.

This thread from 6 months ago is a treasure trove of similar stuff. They didn’t all feature monster(s), but there were lots that did.

Thank you. THIS is a diving helmet. There are hundreds of variants, but this is the classic Mark V U.S. Navy helmet.

Supposedly the entire last season of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea involved intensely cheesy monsters.

The thing is, the premise of some horror creature doesn’t necessarily connote how scary it’s actually going to be.

I mean if we’re thinking of good horror movies, there are clowns (we accept clowns as scary now, but imagine I’m pitching a horror movie with a mime or a juggler as the threat), a kid’s doll and a random dude who can only walk slowly, among the ranks.
And nothing creeps me out more than the “don’t hug me I’m scared” shorts, which just feature muppets-like characters.