Creepy/cool shockwave -- Woman's Plinko Freefall

This was probably posted already, but searching on a URL here gives shady results at best. If you’ve seen it, apologies. If you haven’t, enjoy? It’s oddly addictive. If she gets stuck you can click and drag her.

Is arousal supposed to result from that? Because it did for me. Possibly because of the woman’s uncanny resemblance to Kirsten Dunst (in her short-haired incarnation [my favorite.]) That and her flexibility.

Where’s the male version?! That is a very strange thing to watch. Her head folds un-naturally at times.

Wow…she’s limber.

That is seriously gross. She moves like a crash test dummy. Yuck.

I keep thinking of Team America: World Police.

Bizarre and disturbing. And not arousing at all for me.

She looks like Sharon Stone to me.

It would be a lot cooller if she didn’t look like every joint in her body was broken.

It’s just a rag doll physics thing. I wish it either had pinball machine sounds or sounds like the Monty Python guys doing a woman’s voice. Kind of like the Mary Queen of Scots bit.

Personally I would make this my screen saver if I could.

Not exactly broken, she’s just completely limp for the most part. Only at times is there any muscle resistance at all. It is aptly called creepy in the OP title.

Very morbid but oddly fascinating.

It’s creepy and fun at the same time. I like to click on her and wing her way out to the left. Flying oogie woman!

Same here. That often times gives her enough momentum to bash clean through some of the smaller bubbles. Wheeee!

Would be even better if there was a timer or point system based on how long she “plinks” downward.

It’s kinda like “The Kramer,” disturbing, almost offensive… yet I can’t look away.

I should mention that this is exactly the kind of shit going through my brain when it’s idling… random physics scenarios.

Try getting her stuck on purpose, then dragging her through the cracks. She folds in very strange ways.

I was expecting Bob Barker to give me $10,000 if she landed in the middle…

I thought it was kind of sick…looks like a game Scott Peterson would enjoy on the prison computer.

It’s gross that when she gets stuck, she just kind of sits there and twitches.




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