creepy or not creepy?

My mother-in-law belongs to charity organization.
Once a year, they publish a book. The proceeds are given to charity.

The book, you could say is a vanity book of sorts. Members pay X amount of money to buy a page in the book.
Most people submit the usual pictures: family, grandkids, etc.
Some are done nicely, some are rather gooey sweet for my taste, but no matter.

but this one caught my eye.

Its a picture of a man (a famous man for those that follow his line of work) and his mom.

ok. sure. a man and his mom. nice, right?

except that she’s been dead for some time now.

It’s an old picture, so no need to imagine a man sitting by a dead mom a la pyscho.

(Although when I drive by his house, I do imagine her sitting in the basement…)

but still, its rather odd, I think.

so, would this strike you as odd?

I think it is creepy…at least a little…but then, people run pictures and memorials of deceased loved ones in our local paper all the time…I happen to think that is creepy too, but it seems to be the norm here.

Perhaps this is his ‘tribute’ to his mother…

He’s an adult in the picture I suppose. He’s not sitting in her lap, is he?

Not creepy, unless there is something Norman Bates-ish about the relationship.

It’s not creepy at all, I think.

Of course, my uncle has photoshopped a picture of his four-year-old son standing next to my dead grandfather when my grandfather was four years old. So I might not be the best judge of creepiness in this case.


Not in the least creepy!

What’s wrong about remembering a loved one who has died? I don’t understand at all.

Not creepy unless they are both wearing a dress.

its as creepy as this:

in beatty, nevada, there is a big old gas station/convienience store/candy factor mega-plex and casino/hotel. it is called “Eddie’s World”. Emblazend on the gas pumps is a picture of a little kid, maybe 7-9 yrs old. looks alot like Alfalfa from “Our Gang” short films.

i go in to get a coke, and crack-wise with the cashier, “So, wheres Eddie?”. She says, “Oh, he’s in his office”.

Holy Shit! This kooky middle-aged dude plasters a 50 yr old photo of himself all over creation to pimp his roadside shithook!

i’m guessing he has some real issues to overcome…
(but the bathrooms were real clean!:D)

well, if I remember correctly,

no where on the page does it indicate that she is dead or that this is in tribute or memorium or “in loving memory of…”

we know she’s dead as he is ‘famous’ here.
and that the picture is kinda old.

Its kinda presented as if she really is still living.
For example, if my mom saw it, not knowing him, she would have no idea the woman is long dead.

I dunno… just struck me as creepy.

It doesn’t strike me at all creapy or odd. It’s not as though he dug her up and had a picture taken with the corpse, right?

Not creepy. Maybe he just liked that particular photo.


I always stop there to get gas and just figured that Eddie was a dead kid and the station was named in memory of him. It’s really funny to know that it’s acutally just some guy. Now I can’t wait to drive back there next week to see it again.

Wait, she’s not dead in the picture? I don’t see what’s creepy about that. People die…it doesn’t mean you should cut the heads out of their photographs when they go, right? I agree, maybe he just liked the pic. And if everyone knows she’s dead, why bother pointing it out?

I don’t think it’s creepy. Is the guy creepy, or something?

I think I’ve seen the word creepy too many times. It’s starting to look wierd.

That’s it? That’s supposed to be creepy? Damn. I was expecting something really gross and bizarre, and this is all you give us? I feel so disappointed.

I agree, it would have been clearer had there been some text stating that it was a memorial, but I am sure to his friends/relatives, it all makes sense.

I suppose it could be considered slightly odd if you think about it hard enough, but not a huge deal, or anything.

I don’t think it’s creepy. shrugs

Not creepy.

Perhaps the other participants in the book knew his Mom. In any case, I think it is more sweet than weird.

creepy? i’ll tell you what’s creepy.

After my gran died, my uncle took pictures of her in her coffin and tried to show them to me!!! that’s creepy!!


So, Bad News Baboon… you don’t like looking at pictures of people who have died? (as opposed to pictures of dead people…) must have made studying history a pretty creepy time for you in school.

Hey, I have an idea… you know all those bits of paper you have with pictures of people who died ages ago… you know, the ones in your wallet/purse/bank account… y’know, if you find those creepy, then feel free to send them to me… I’ll replace them with blank pieces of paper, no charge :smiley:

It would be really bad if it was the same dress.