Cribbage, talk to me about programs

I’ve always enjoyed the game of Cribbage; however, there really aren’t too many folks around for me to play here, mainly because western cards are not popular here. I’m looking for a good downloadable program, preferably free but I’m willing to pay for one that’s worth the price demanded.

Moved Cafe Society --> the Game Room.

:smack: Thanks. Thought I was in the right place.

There are always a few hundred people playing cribbage in the games cribbage rooms

Thanks, I’ll check that too. But I’m really looking for something I can use when not online.

Try here:

Very cool.

If you have an Android phone, there is a great cribbage app called “Cribbage Pro” which is free, and fun to play. Although on hard, I’m pretty sure it cheats. Too many 20+ hands to be believable.

That, and the fact that it pegs out by exactly reaching 121 so many times, almost always when you got to 120. Gahh!