Cricket sex scandal

There is an investigation in Melbourne of a scheme to fix cricket matches by hiring prostitutes to exhaust players before games. See That’s Not Cricket! at


I thought you were talking about Cricket the poster.


I’m not sure I can express what the thread title made me think.

I had nothing to do with it! Honestly I didn’t! You gotta believe me, I’m innocent!
The idea of being boffed into exahustion isn’t such a bad one, but really, I can’t take credit.

I was going to say “Wasn’t me, didn’t do it” but I figured I would get stoned to death for that one.

That’s got sig material written all over it :smiley:

I think I just might do that! I have been thinking about a change for a while and lo and behold it happened without actually trying!

Soory 'bout the “K” “C” mix-up, Krick. Among other things, I’ve had the Sunshine Band on my mind today.

so this post isn’t about insects?

I thought it was the ship full o’hooters that had you discombobulated…


Not a problem Chief.
Now what’s this about a ship full of hooters? And KC and the Sunshine Band?

“Authorities are grateful that Qasim Omar bravely stepped forward with his insider information, but it has not been determined how exactly he came into possession of all addresses and phone numbers of the 23 prostitutes.”

Really. :wink:

All kidding aside, did the players know these women were prostitutes, or did they think that they were just meeting a lot of pushovers? Because in the US, pro sports players don’t generally fool with prostitutes. They have their pick of women; they don’t need the risk of getting busted. Do cricket players date celebrities, as American athletes often do? Unless an American player had a particular kink that non-prostitutes generally don’t do, I don’t see him responding to particular eagerness to the offer of “We’ve got a girl for you tonight”.