So here is the story. I am working in my yard, It is late but I am kind of kooky so what the hey. I have a brand new privacy fence, the kind with wood slats so you can kind of see out but only at an angle. I notice a young gentleman doing something by my trash bins and he notices me. He says “ Mind if I (something, something) this box.” I hear mind if I move this box. I look through the slats and see a box that was not by my trash bins 15 minutes ago and said “ I do not know anything about that box, I do not know where it came from. What do you want?” He said “ I want to throw it away or something” and off he goes. Two seconds later I realize that I saw him earlier walk up the alley with said box. It dawns on me that he original had said mind if I “loose” this box, not, mind if I “move” this box. Anyway he is gone.

What could be in the box that he was caring around earlier and now needs to loose.

I think I’ll take a look.

Well if he’s just loosening it, then he’s probably keeping it.

The box held one of those big ass bolt cutters, about 3 feet long.

What am I to do. He is probably up to no good, but I told him I do not know nothing.
If I report it, I will broken the unspoken law of “ I told him I know nothing” about his box.

As long as you do not know nothing, you’re fine.

I’d call the police. Or throw some rats and spiders into the box. Or spread powdered graphite or white lithium on the box. Any scorpions where you live?

I thought maybe take the bolts off and leave the cutters useless.