Criminal Minds Season Finale 2-20

Did anyone else watch it? Are there any fans here?

I really enjoy the show. I’ve watched it since Mandy Patinkin was on it and I have enjoyed it with Joe Mantegna too. (Although sometimes I think of Fat Tony from The Simpsons when he talks.)
I’m talking about my reactions. So no spoilers. Bits of it were gross. Bits were scary. I teared up a few times.

And the ending made me think–

Yeah - we watched it - they already did the cliffhanger thing before, so I really didn’t like that aspect - I don’t need a cliffhanger to hold my interest to next season.

In fact, the closing monologue was much scarier/thought provoking then what they did.

I have to find out when they re-broadcast the second episode, there was an amber alert in my area, and the alerts, which popped up every 5 minutes, cut off the DVR recording, which restarted once the alerts ended. The hour long show was cut into about 10 pieces, each with a minute or two missing…

That said, the closing monologue was very good, a nice change from the norm. One question, am I supposed to know who the guy was with the mask?

The guy at the end was the unsub from the episode “Omnivore”–the one that got away.

Here is the thread on the episode.

At first I thought that Thomas Harris had a good lawsuit on his hands. I mean, they even used the name “Mason.” In retrospect, I think they were taking the best parts of Hannibal and making a plausible story of them. It was a highly well written episode, but what was with the shoes? Lucas didn’t look like the type to keep trophies. And how did Morgan even find the dogtags in all that mess?

Ah darn, I was hoping the shooter would be someone from Hotch’s prosecuter days. It would be a nice reference to his life before the BAU.

It is wrong that I like Rossi a lot more the Gideon?

Actually, it was more of a ‘torn from the headlines’ story.
The Vancouver Pig Farm Murders

I like them both – just differently. Rossi seems a bit more accessible to me, but Gideon had good qualities, too.

I was really creeped out by this episode. Like “I-need-a-shower-and-a-memory-scrub” creepy. The whole retarded guy on a big-ass farm feeding humans to pigs and saving their shoes thing is very “slasher flick” worthy.

I’m also annoyed by the cliff hanger aspect, but I can live with it because the show is otherwise very well done.

It’s frightfully sad that serial killers can get away with killing prostitutes, junkies, the homeless, runaways and even gay people. Criminal Minds has done shows on this theme several times. IRL, the likes of Gary Ridgeway, Jeffrey Dahmer and othr such monsters should have been caught sooner.

This whole episode reminded me of the one from Season 2 sent in St Louis, where the guy had created a SAW-like setup and had homeless people try to escape from a warehouse. It even had the devoted cop that persisted even though no one else believed that people were missing.

That episode contained one of my favorite quotes that they have used on the show, “Of all the preposterous assumptions of humanity, nothing exceeds the criticisms made of the habits of the poor by the well-housed, well-warmed, and well-fed.” Herman Melville.

There was also one set in DC where the UNSUB was killing prostitutes, and a police officer asked Hotchner “Why should we look into these killers? Who are the victims that they are so important?” Hotchner replied (with the patented Thomas Gibson seriousness): They are daughers. Some of them are sisters, nieces, and mothers.

Love this show, and I’m just putting this in here (without reading the thread, natch) so I’ll remember to read this a week or two from now when I get around to watching the finales.

You mean because law enforcement doesn’t put a lot of effort into looking for them? Didn’t Jeffrey Dahmer lure people just off the bus, so no one would know there was a victim? Do we know that associates of his victims reported their disappearances to the police?

Dahmer had a run in with police after a naked boy escaped his apartment and was found running throught the streets. He told the police it was a lover’s spat and the child was 19. The police later laughed about it. Cite.

Some people later supported Dahmer for “killing queers.”

Certain groups in society are seen as “disposal” by some people.

I loved it, being where I am and what I do.

Not one red serge! (dumb RCMP meme on US tv - they only wear those for ceremonial occasions). Actual CBSA uniforms! OPP galore! They got just about everything right! Even the posters in the "headquarters’ building…! Kudos to the show. One not to pick - the border service officers are not in the Mountie OIC’s chain of command… otherwise - good job.

One of the techs sifting through the mud found them and called Morgan over to see them. He then stole evidence and gave it to the brother/witness/confessed killer guy.