Criminals With Apt Names...

Did they work on Wall Street?

Depends. A Wall Street, like say in Phelps? Or Lac du Flambeau? Or does it have to be in Manhattan?

I don’t want to resurrect a zombie thread. But I’m sorry, I just had to add: Derek Chauvin, the cop recently convicted of murder. Did you know Napoleon I had a ‘soldier’ (according to my dictionary) named N. Chauvin, noted for his blind loyalty? That is where we get the term chauvinism from. That’s got to be ironic. (I didn’t want to start a hot debate. I just thought it was ironic.) :slight_smile:

Hell of a name, that!

Well, this this shambler is up and about and on my radar, permit me to share a pair of individuals whose names amuse me greatly.

Firstly, Loser “Lou” Lane, who made sergeant in 2003 in New York’s police service, and retired in 2011.
And his brother, Winner Lane, who was first arrested in 1977, starting off a long streak of “interactions” with the law.

Sergeant Loser J. Lane
More about the siblings on Slate.

Arrested for prostitution in Iowa in 2016: Amanda Guzzle.

Many historians claim that Nicolas Chauvin was a complete fictional character created by songwriters and bards and popularized by Cogniard brothers’ in 1831, as a model of overt loyalty. And not really a criminal, and not really ironic.

A few years ago here in Anderson, Indiana, I saw campaign signs for a state rep candidate named Rob Steele. He wasn’t elected, but I remember thinking it was a terrible name for a politician. Robert, or Bob? No, he ran as Rob Steele.

Really reminds me of “Rip Torn.”

A few years ago a guy was arrested for exposing and pleasuring himself to unsuspecting women in the parking lot at a local shopping mall. His name - and I’m not kidding - was Handy Wood.

I always thought that if I were writing a novel and I gave my villain the last name of “Hiss”, people would find it a ridiculous over-the-top last name for a spy. Not that we know for sure if Alger Hiss really was a spy…but he was convicted of perjury.

The closest I can get was when there was a high vacancy rate at Dahmer Apartments because the rent was an arm and a leg.

My step father’s last name was Boozer. If there was anybody that lived up to their name, he did. Multiple DUI’s over the years, kidney transplant at 48, he destroyed his. Died at 53, his death certificate said multiple alcohol related organ failures.

I also knew an inmate with surname Coffin, first name of Reno. Always made me think of that Johnny Cash song, Folsom prison blues.

New York law also defines sodomy as oral contact with a minor (different degrees for different ages/age differentials) so it’s not what you usually think.