Crispy Meat, Other than Bacon

Properly prepared, bacon is crispy. I’m trying to think other crispy meat dishes.

Fried chicken skin can be crispy, but not always, and it’s more the breading than the meat. Heavily cooked sausage can have a crisp exterior. Is there another meat that approaches the total crispiness of bacon?

I usually order my corned beef hash crispy… That’s got other stuff in the mix as well, but the meaty parts do get well-done and crispy.

Cook up some thinly sliced salami or pepperoni real well, and it’s got a lovely crunch!

Also, beef bacon.

I think any type of meat can be made fairly crispy if you cut it very thin and deep fry it. May not necessarily be good, or good for you, though.

You could make an argument for pork rinds being meat.

I was going to say, if we’re including chicken skin (which does crisp up fine on its own without the help of any breading, see: properly made Buffalo-style wings), then pork cracklings, duck cracklings, goose cracklings, etc., all fit the bill.

Pork belly crisps up real well, too, but that’s just basically “fresh” bacon. Same with pancetta and guanciale (although guanciale is cured, unsmoked “bacon” made from pork jowls.) Pretty much any dried or semi-dried sausage cut up into thin disks (as Qadgop observes) will crisp up real well.

Isn’t that a matter of opinion?

Objective truth.

Salted pork. Poor man bacon.

Tripas. Beef intestines cut into segments, boiled till all the water evaporates and then allowed to fry in its own fat. The outer bit gets all crispy and crunchy, and the inside soft fatty goodness. If you add a bit of lard, you can cook it til it’s crispety and chunchety all the way through. Either way, yummy.

Also, you could make a delicious crispy treat known as a chupaqueso. However, as the name implies, it’s made of cheese and not meat (although it’s great with bacon) and so you may not want to hear about it in this thread.

Spam. Seriously. Fried Spam with mayo on white bread is some great comfort food.

+1, though I’ll sub in whole wheat OR suggest just frying it up to accompany eggs, with a bit of soy sauce.

Gyros meat will usually be a mixture of juicy meat bits and crispy bits. Had one just the other day at Nikko’s Gyros down at Western and Diversary.

Chicken feet.

Here’s the truth: If by crispy you mean dry, that’s an abomination before God and an affront to all proper humans. If you mean cooked the only way it should be, still juicy, with the fat done to a nice golden brown with a bit of crunch, then you’re absolutely right.

:D, but that’s still the truth.

Hey! I’m from Chicago. It’s “Diversey” !!! I miss that place & gyros, too. Can’t get 'em where I live right now :frowning:

My mistake. In my defense, I was typing that on an iPod Touch while waiting for the movie to start at the Brew and View at the Vic Theater.

I use mustard on mine, but you are essentially correct. And I’m not even from Hawaii.

Beef, shredded and fried.