Criss Angel, 9/17

Yes, I admit I watch Mindfreak on occasion. Last night was one of them. Criss did something last night, and I am not sure if he was just lucky or playing the odds or what. I want to believe that I was mindfreaked for sure, but if not then I want to know how it was done.

It was an interactive trick. The home audience was to think of a number between 1 and 10, men think of odd numbers and women even numbers. Then he started with 1 and gave each number an object, so if like me, you thought of 8 then you were supposed to concentrate on a cat’s play toy. THEN he listed another set of objects and said to concentrate on the one that was related to the first object, in my case it was a yellow ball of yarn. The second group seemed very random, like “dagger” and “south sea island”. I wish I had taped this so I could look for links or similarities. After you got your second item in your head, you went to, and clicked on either “men” or “women”. Criss then revealed which item you were thinking of. Ummmm…he said “yellow ball of yarn” to me.

Did anyone watch or record the show and notice something fishy? I’m just a sucker for a good magic trick, but this one kinda spooked me. He is inside my head! Mindfreak!

All the odd numbers lead to answers of “shining silver.”
All the even numbers lead to answers of “yellow ball of yarn.”

There is a good explanation here

You can watch this segment of the show here.

Thank you so much, really appreciate the links. I thought there could be something about each number’s item that linked them, but when you’re concentrating so hard you don’t listen to the other items. I enjoyed this trick, and now I enjoy knowing how it was done.