Croc Hunter

If any of you guys get the Animnal Planet channel on your cable system, try and watch the show Croc Hunter.

This Australian guy runs around catching crocs and snakes. Every show gets gets bitten or poisoned and has to flee up a nearby tree.

On the episode I saw the other night he ran after some snakes and caught them, only to get poisoned when they turned out to be Spitting Cobras.

My roommate and I are having an argument over whether he’s just a lunatic, or if he’s some kind of fearless biologist/naturalist who’s TV schtick happens to be that he grabs poisonous snakes by the tail and fools with them, among other questionably bright activities involving deadly wildlife.

Anyone know what Steve Irwin(The Crocodile Hunter)'s credentials are?

You’ve discovered one of my favorite shows. I like the fact that no matter what reptile he picks up, his first comment is always some derivation of “look at this girl, she’s a beauty!”. And maybe it is just me, but they seem to poke alot of the snakes and crocs with that camera on a stick just to get them to bite at it. Doesn’t seem like the nicest thing for a nature conservationist to be doing to every animal they see.

I LOVE this show! Those spitting cobras were over the top! But, weirdly, him chasing a runaway rat was the most entertaining thing I’ve seen in a long time.

Anyway, here’s some info on him - it makes him a little easier to understand, I think:

He has no formal training in working with animals. His father ran a zoo. His wife has a zoology degree from Oregon I think.

The dude’s a nutcase, not because of what he does, but because he ALWAYS addresses the camera in times of mortal crisis. Ever see the episode where he does the following? “Alright, here’s the situation. My wife has fallen overboard in croc infested waters. There is a potentially poisonous snake in the boat with me, but it’s dark so I can’t tell where he is. I’ve got to move reeeeeeal carefully…” you hear “Steve, I’m scared” from his wife, who is bobbing in the water right near a croc’s nest. Swiddles is screaming at the TV “SAVE YOUR WIFE AND STOP TALKING TO THE BLOODY CAMERA!” Good TV.

He says he has never been poisoned. When he gets bitten it is always by a non-venomous species, so he doesn’t really care. He did get “mildly-envenomated”(his words) in the spitting cobra episode by the venom seeping through his skin. He must have the biggest balls of one alive cause he really has no fear(but always repsect) of any of the animals. He does have respect for the really dangerous ones(which seems to only be hippos for him). But he gets so excited that he doesn’t even think about fear, and rushes in. Saying he has no formal training in animals is kind of misleading. For most of his life he has had on the job training working with animals, and even before The Croc Hunter was on the air (or at least before I ever heard about it) he was always on shows as one of the worlds formost experts on reptiles. Between the Croc Hunter and The Iron Chef I don’t need any stupid three letter networks anymore.

South Park did a great spoof of him. <<bad Aussie accent>>“New, crocs hayt thees. Wotch whoile I stick moi thumb up his butt’ole. Oi! That moide the li’l bugger mad!” <</bad Aussie accent>>

He is to nature what Emeril is to cooking: entertaining and a bit nuts. I can’t wait to see him die on TV: “Now, watch while I attempt to copulate with this here shark…Isn’t she a beauty?”

I have to take issue with a couple of things.

“He has no formal training.” I think you mean he did not attend school and earn a degree, right? I can’t think of better training than what he has. Not really stuff you can learn from textbooks!

The thing about his wife being in danger. I always got the impression that he goes out of his way to protect his wife and even his dog. He’s the only one I’ve seen go into a ludicrously dangerous situation, and if the animal starts moving toward Terry, he makes sure to kind of corral her out of danger, staying between her and the snake or whatever. Correct me if I’m wrong - please cite the episode or at least the type of marauding animal.

What I love (aside from the South Park parody - dead on!), is that when and animal is shooting deadly venom into his eyes in an effort to kill him in the most painful way possible, he refers to it as being, “grumpy” or “cranky.” A master of understatement, is Steve.

Steve actually HAS been bitten by a poisonous snake. It’s on their out-takes. They never aired it on a regular show. He’s hold a very small snake, and saying something to the effect of “it’s a small snake, it’s not an aggressive species, I’m in NO danger…” Right about then, the snake latches onto his upper lip. He does a double take of the snake, and says “Oh NO!! It’s a TYPAN!!” The next scene they show is of Steve smiling with his face all swollen up.

I too am a lover of the Croc Hunter. Love that show. I love it when he runs down a pig and wrestles it to the ground.

I must say that I’m hopelessly addicted to the show. If Steve ever got a decent haircut, lost a few pounds, and wore pleated shorts, I’m pretty sure I’d become a stalker…

Nothing like a dude with an accent, though. If that Robin guy from the Aquanauts had an Australian accent, he’d be the perfect male specimen.

Hey, you could say the same thing about me :wink:

Personally, I think that Steve Irwin is one of the dumbest people alive.

The guy’s something else. I think he was conceived with a weak sperm.

I do, however, find the show unexplainably compelling, in a “lets go burn ants with a magnifying glass!” kind of way.

I saw that. He was joking. If it had been a Taipan, he’d have been dead in minutes. Plus, he smirks at the camera right after saying that.

My favorite scene was when he got bit by a species he wasn’t familiar with. He disengaged the fangs and ran back to camp to check his book to see if it was poisonous. It showed him flipping through pages, then he stopped, read, threw up his hands, and yelled “all right!”

That, or where his dog gets loose and attacks a wild boar. He ends up with an angry dog in one hand and an angry boar in the other, trying to figure out how to let them go. Plus, he was knee-deep in mud, of course.

But what really gets me is that they named their daughter after their favorite crocodile and their dog. That’s just sad.

Oh, and as far as his credentials go, he does publish papers in scientific journals. One of these days, I’ll have to look them up.

I’m just curious as to who he uses to actually find those varmints he talks about. Surely he doesn’t.

It is a very entertaining show.

Crikey! I love that show! My husband and I once spent our entire last (rainy) day on vacation watching a Croc Hunter marathon in our hotel room. I just want to know what he’s thinking, seeking out venomous critters wearing…shorts. Ever see the episode where he’s mowing the lawn at the zoo where he works and he has to dodge crocodiles the entire time? It’s hysterical!

When he is not clowning around, he seems to be relatively knowledgeable. The best part of the spitting snake episode was when he went to the Masai tribe to get water. They couldn’t believe he was actually fooling around with these cobras. They thought he was so ballsy that they gave him a Masai robe, spear, and walking stick.

This show is so addicting. My friends and I just walk around the house the whole day saying “He’s a grumpy one!!!” or just whistling in amazement at something.

I think he’s playing with baby animals tonight. I saw a teeny brown bear and cougar on the preview so I am catching this one for sure.

Maybe one of our Aussie regulars can confirm this, but I don’t think that the show is aired in Australia. Mainly because it is reckless and dangerous, and lord knows that people imitate things they see on TV.

I was tickled when I saw the Iron Chef thread. I thought: “Wow, there are others out there!” As it turns out, there are many who have been watching the show longer than me.

Now, the same thing happens with Crocodile Hunter. This show is inexplicably appealing. I, too, have laughed along with speeches like, “Look at this byewtiful Sheeeeela! She’s prit-tee cranky right now. She’d take my leg off if she got half a chance, but I’d die for her!” I also have marveled at Steve Irwin addressing, and looking at, the camera while cobras continually lunge at his head, diving with great enthusiasm into mudpits roiling with crocodiles, grinning while he wades into croc-infested waters, grabbing poisonous snakes repeatedly by the tail, all the while explaining how dangerous the particular animal can be. I have even thought, strange to admit even to myself: “With the right haircut . . .” weird

I’m pretty sure they’re aware how their show comes across, too. I’ve seen commercials where the wife is standing there going, “Noooo, he’s not crazy.” or he’s saying: “I’m not crazy.” while footage of him wrestling crocodiles is playing behind him. I have argued with my friends about whether he realizes how loony he is, but I think in reality, he’s just a guy whose found that “one thing,” (I am quoting Curly from City Slickers here), the combination of vocation and fascination, and he’s just happy to be there, because he’s getting paid to do what he loves. That’s what makes him sort of attractive, in a weird sort of way. And, I am sort of inspired by it.

I never realized how popular the show was until I saw all the ads for Croc Week, which were pretty funny in their own right. Did anyone see that one with the guy rapping with the Steve puppet?

Yes, that is exactly what I meant. I was in no way putting Steve down, just pointing out that no one taught him “Here’s the proper way to dig a venomous snake out of a dead tree”, he actually went out and tried it. It’s amazing he still has all his digits. Plus I love the expressions he comes up with, like “I’ll feel right chipper again once I’m home & hosed”