Oooh, Leg of Crocodile Hunter....Yumm....

Looks like our favorite insane Croc Hunter was just a little too slow this time…

How can so many people who don’t do well with animals make TV shows with them. I admit it is damn funny and gets ratings, but don’t they think it is a bit much to have people getting munched on all the time?

My favorite part was

The man is lucky it wasn’t one of those venomous snakes he plays with.

I love that show! And I know that I might be stoned for that statement, but I do.
The one they showed the other night he crawled in a den of rattle snakes. :open_mouth:
I also saw one where he got bit by a snake, and then had to take the time to look it up in a book to see if it was poisonous.
And you have to admit that the man has a great sence of humor about the whole thing. I laugh every time I see the commercial he does. I think it is for Fed EX or something of the like.

And what do you mean someone who is not good with animals? He seems to be very good at handling them to me. He did admit a fear of birds of all things.

I’m with you Kricket!

Not good with animals? The man grew up with them! His father had him out capturing crocodiles at about age 8. Just because one croc bit him doesn’t mean he’s incompetent. Take the herpetologists who ‘milk’ snake venom. They’re experts, yet look how many times they get bitten.

I agree. Croc Hunter is hilarious when you’re stoned.

Finds a big flat rock and takes aim at Kricket
Ironically, if he were to walk down any street in Australia, no-one will recognise him. They pulled his program after about three shows.

I don’t watch the show, but my son does. We were in Wal-Mart right before Christmas, and he pointed out some Steve Irwin action figures in the toy department.
I imagine there’s hundreds–no, thousands–of maimed Steve Irwin replicas across America.:wink: