Crock Pot Crockery. Recycle?

My Crock Pot crockery has a crack in the bottom, which leaks into the heating unit/base, creating a hard to clean, stinky mess. Thankfully, I once saved an old pot, so what I’m cooking has been transferred. But what about the leaky crockery? I’m going to toss it, but I have 2 garbage cans. One is good old fashioned landfill garbage, the other is recycle only. Into which bin should I place the crockery?

I don’t think crockery is recyclable. At least not as we think of it for glass, metals, paper, etc. Throw it in the trash bin. Or take it outside and use it as a planter.

Good job saving the old crockery. You never know when things like that come in handy.

The role of pot sherds in archaeology and anthropology is… unique and priceless. In your position I’d be seriously tempted to bury it in the back yard.

Thanks, Johnny. Heck yeah, I had a batch of sauce cooking and it smelled like it was burning, but the contents of the pot weren’t even bubbling. As an added bonus,the old one had a glass lid. (the leaky one had a plastic lid.) Thanks for the idea of the planter, I don’t suppose I’ll drop this in the trash, after all.
Since my question was so easily answered, I’m open to ideas about how to reuse the leaky pot. I don’t really have a green thumb, but I could try something.

Sattua, If I can’t grow something in it, I’ll consider that!

See how fast it’s leaking. Probably not very. You should drill a hole in the bottom (say, ½ to ¾ inch in diameter – start small and use a ceramics bit) to let water drain out. If it cracks in half, you can get some ceramics glue from the hardware store.

Drilling a hole in something to diagnose a leak is my fave Tip 'O The Week. Kudos to Johhny!

I like to recycle them into dog water bowls. They’re heavy and flat bottomed so they don’t tip easily, but that won’t work with your leaky one. I think the planter idea is a good one.