What should I do with these ceramic La Fermiere yogurt containers?

Ever since my favorite yogurt became available at my local grocery store, I’ve been saving the nice ceramic containers that it comes in. The containers just seem way too nice to toss into the recycling bin.

I’ve now amassed several dozen of them, and still have no clue on what to do with them. Any ideas?

Plant baby cacti in them?

Is any of them vanilla flavored ?

I’d mail them to Acsenray :wink:

My gf fills them with water and uses them to root cuttings. They’re cute on a kitchen windowsill.

Or you could use them for your own home-made yoghurt:


If they really are ceramic (I’ve never seen one) or glass, then they can’t be recycled. You could donate them to your local thrift store, someone might find them handy for something.

Thanks everyone. One issue with them is that the foil cover is apparently stuck on with Krazy Glue. It’s impossible to scrub it all off.

Telemark’s link says they are either glass or terracotta, and can be used in a variety of ways, including baking. I always wondered if the containers were a big factor in the high price, versus than the delicious yogurt inside.

I order some lobster pot pies online very occasionally, and they come in small ceramic dishes that look like miniature souffle dishes. I use them when preparing my mise en place. I use them for sauces that are served on the side.

I wouldn’t plant a cactus in it unless you can drill a hole in the bottom. Cacti like dry feet.

That’s how I feel about “OUI”, the French yogurt that comes in cute little glass jars. I do buy it when it’s marked down, and recycle the jars.

Have you tried La Fermiere? Oui was my previous grocery brand, when I could only get La Fermiere at my work cafeteria (for a whopping $4.50). Fortunately it’s less than $3 at the grocery store.

Just wanna point out that if “mise en place” and “clean as you go” aren’t a part of your kitchen routine, well, you’re doing it wrong.

My gf does it wrong, which makes me cook more than my fair share, which is maybe what she’s trying to accomplish, D’oh!

Yeah. Planning makes everything work better.

I’d seen this term here and there, but never felt motivated enough to look it up till now. I can see throwing something together from bits and pieces you have about the kitchen now and then if you’re good enough, but how do you cook generally without this and not have it be less than good

Anyway, new cooking(maybe lifestyle?) term learned.

I’ve recently come to realize that this is my wife’s strategy.