'OUI' Why do you treat me so?

My cherry flavored Yoplait ‘Oui’ yogurt let me down. (:()
When you peel the foil lid off (so satisfying) the cute little glass pot on the underside is a cute sentiment or a tiny pep talk.
I peeled my container and got ready to be cheered up. Turned it over. Nada. Zilch. Nope.
My yogurt has ignored me. My day is ruined.
One time I got one that said ‘Yes!’
How hard is it to print one word? I don’t need a sermon. Just one tiny word. It was cherry flavored. It coulda been cordial.

I was at a Mongolian barbecue last night, and as we were leaving a guy came up asking for another fortune cookie, because his hadn’t had a fortune in it.

I remarked that if his next cookie was empty too he’d better watch his back as he walked out to his car.

I had two Oui yogurts today, so you may have one of my Oui sayings: Buy yourself flowers.

Aww. Thanks. So cordial of you!(:))

Maybe your Oui was dumbstruck that it got you as a consumer. The corn dogs have been bragging.

I try to keep my food fetishes separated
I must’ve slipped up.:eek:

Okay, this is something I learned today. I sometimes eat Oui yogurt and I never knew there were sayings in the packaging. I feel bad bad bad that Beckdawrek was missing one when I’ve apparently been throwing mine in the garbage unread.

I know I have a sad, sad, sad life. I get my self esteem from packaging.(:))

Je ne sais pas pourquoi pas; Peut-être qu’il ne t’aime plus.

Oui, ta vie est triste, triste, triste. Have you tried dunking the corndogs into the yogurt? You know, two treats in one.

Last one was an IOU.

Ummmm…uh? Ooh la la.(:))

Or dyslexic Frnech.

I’m dreading my lemon ‘OUI’ I have for tomorrow. Instead of a missing cute sentiment, I’m liable to get a curt rebuke.
That could really send me over the edge. (;))
Think I’m gonna explore another brand of yogurt. Maybe a generic :eek:
I shoulda known this was gonna happen. I can’t sustain these kinda relationships. I’m way too needy.

If it says nothing that just means “You do you, girl!”

Little Dove chocolate hearts are supposed to have affirmations inside the wrapper.

If you can just hold out 'til Valentine’s Day, we can send you bags of those little chalky hearts!

Think I’ll go to TacoBell and pick up some packets of their sauce. They’re always nice to me.

It was a bad, bad yogurt.

Just peeled the satisfying foil off my Oui yogurt. You’re not gonna believe this. No wittyism, no quip, no pleasantry. Nope. Nothing. A—gain!
I’ve been ghosted by a yogurt company! A giant company, no doubt. What do they have against me?(:()

I miss the little puzzles you would get under the beer bottle caps from Lucky Lager.

The more you drank, the easier they got to solve.