'OUI' Why do you treat me so?

So I sent a list to Walmart with the DIL. I told her to get cheaper yogurt. She brought yoplait but their regular little plastic containers. Several flavors, 6 things of it. Fine. I’ll eat them. I got a blueberry one out. It’s the low sugar one. Whipped. The added sugar is 13%. WTH? They’re trying to murder me now? They have designs on my life.

This Yoplait yogurt company’s getting a nicely worded snail-mail correspondence from me. I tell you what.

My daughter got me hooked on the Chobani yogurt with mix-ins. Of course, the carb count on those is probably 999g.

Ooh, I love those mix in things. You’re right the carbs are outrageous.
They ADD so much sugars to these kinda things. Americans won’t buy it if it’s not loaded with sweet. Hey, I get it. I like sweets too. But I can’t do so much of it. Especially with my healthy (:))snacks.

Go get some Liberte yogurt. It’s hard to find but worth it. It’s made in Montreal so it’s almost french, sort of. Get the whole fat version, it’s more delicious.

I will look for it. Thanks.

Have you thought about making your own? It’s not hard, and you could have the flavors you love and the sweetness level you need. You could even write yourself encouraging messages on the lids! :slight_smile:

I’ve made cheese before. Think I’ll try. (:))

Yogurt is a lot easier than cheese!

Homemade yogurt is much “looser” than the storebought stuff. And stirring it to include your additives causes it to break down and become sort of watery. The storebought stuff often has gelatin and other additives to stabilize it.

But I bet you like it much better than any of the brands you buy. Having the ability to control exactly what mwan to eat is probably the best flavor of all!

I certainly have enough little glass pots saved up. I hoard them things. I found out you can by snap on plastic lids for the OUI pots. Clever of someone to figure that out.
Yogurt making will be my new project

Not that I remember. How did you strain your yogurt?

But we just used it to add to things, not to have things added to it. It was a much different product: the process used up all the milk sugar (lactose free) and we didn’t add milk or sugar to it.

I remember I met a Turkish family in the 80s and they were mystified that people ate yogurt… To them, it was the equllivent of eating a cup of gravy… or sauce since that’s what they mainly used it for …
they did try some with fruit in it and said it was entirely different than what they were used to using in cooking

I used to have a yogurt maker. I found it was quite runny if I used anything other than whole milk (even 2% didn’t cut it) and/or rushed the process. I think you can also add stuff to thicken it. I’d have to look it up.

I never tried to blend fruit or flavoring in while making the yogurt. I always just mixed it in after it had chilled, like you do with fruit-on-bottom yogurt.

I have a supply of OUI pots and have been trying to find something to use as lids for them. Where do you get yours?

I use them for rum or amaretto pudding shots for parties.

You just made me happy. :slight_smile: Thank you.

Is that anything like fish fingers and custard? :smiley:

French fries dipped in vanilla milkshake is good.

Thought of you today, Beck. Finally found the vanilla Oui again. Here’s your lid-based deep thought of the day:

“C’est la vie
Such is life!”

So, uh, there ya go.

(Also, I’d hoard the jars more if they didn’t taper inward at the top. Solid things like candles don’t slide out. So what the hell else can I use them for?)

I’m making my girls each a little wooden tray sized to hold 3 pots. They can use them.for make-up things and brushes. Little succulent plants fit in them good.
Thanks for sharing your lid sentiment (:))