Cross Forum Sequential Threads

In this game take the first thread from each forum to do sequential threads.

The one I’m submitting is from The Game Room and In My Humble Opinion.

Where are the logic puzzles?
Fitting a 33" inch deep fridge into a 31" deep space

I hope this little variance works out for a fun time by all.

Gods sabbath day SAVED!
Let the Right One In

Have you ever posted a deliberate lie on a SDMB?
A Load of Cobblers

Spoilers, How Old Is Too Old
World of Warcraft General Discussion

What made you decide to have children?
Which gun goes “bang”?

Is this is what I get for putting this in games instead of MPSIMS?

Nat. Lampoon’s Xmas Vacation: Julia Louise Dreyfus-Whoa!
The Celebrity Death Pool 2010

Moved from Game Room at request of OP

— Ellen