Cross stiching

Is anyone else working on any projects for Christmas or whatever?

I just finished an afgan for mom , I stitched over 2 threads of the woven fabric,on which I had frayed and tassled the edges.(exactly 10 strands per tassel, thank you very much!)

So, tell all…do you prefer to work on aida cloth, linen, woven fabrics…what?

please dont let me be the only cross sticher in the bunch

please dont let me be the only cross sticher in the bunch
Well, it beats being the only cross dresser, right? < rimshot >

Ok, I’ll go now…

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

I’ll get you for that …Sea Lemon!


Hey, Kel! No, you’re not the only cross-stitcher. I do it occasionally but find it hard to actually sit still and do it.

I’m with my husband at work so he can catch up on some stuff and so I can catch up on the SDMB. The new job has been incredibly busy so I haven’t been able to visit and chat!

Hey kelli, I’m sorry for neddling you. I thought my transvetite joke would keep you in cross stiches. I’m just killing time until I post my next Y.A.R.N.

I’ll stop stringing this thread along now. I know you want me to weave you alone.

Sew long for now!

< Ducking and covering >

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

C’mon, Kelli! Get back at him! Make him go through all the hoops!

::d & r::


I want to be stitching. I have a piece from LAST Christmas that was supposed to be for Opal that I had to quit when my arm blew up on me that I desperately need to finish. :frowning:

I’ve got a few too many projects like that right now. One of these days …

snif for meeee? Oh wow…
(am I still getting the green shirt thing?)

“Cluemobile? You’ve got a pickup…”
OpalCat’s site:
The Teeming Millions Homepage:

I think I will try to design a nice tatoo type pattern, so if I ever get my hands on the lemon…I can cross stitch it on his ass…(smiling sweetly)

Watch it Melin! :slight_smile:


I want to be stitching. I have a piece from LAST Christmas that was supposed to be for Opal that I had to quit when my arm blew up on me that I desperately need to finish.

Your ARM BLEW UP?! Now THERE’S a story I want to hear!

kelli: I’m sorry, when I get on a roll, my puns just get wild and wolley. I’ll try to behave, and tailor my responses to the question. It seams that I might be stressing you out a little. I wouldn’t want to do that. :slight_smile:

So, kelli, < innocent look > How’s this weekend going?

< putting on his helmet and jockstrap >

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

Yes, cross stiching can be a rewarding pastime.

I also do a little tatting from time to time.

Mostly on chantilly, with a flower motif.
Some lovely results, don’t you know.

I’m kidding, people!

I fix transmissions, go fishing, play poker, and kill spiders in the tub.


Woman! Get me a beer, 'cause I’m a guy.

Sorry Kellihon. Lost my head.

Love ya.

According to the Pope, a woman can be a saint, but not a priest.

BTW, Kelli, It was Sealemon who put me up to it.

He E-Mailed me and told me the words to say.

I wanted to be friends with him, so said okay.

None of it is my fault.

Love ya a whole bunch of muches.

I did a lot of cross stitching a few years ago and was stuck in a horrible job. I found it very soothing, although because I was so bitter I ended up stitching things like “They’re all against you” and (for my mother working for the government) “Less thinking, more working!” :slight_smile: I used blank canvas and one of those pattern booklets that had different alphabets and borders. I’d design my own on graph paper. The unwholsome sentiments in such a traditionally flowery medium really makes people look twice!

Vogue, even though I’ve never cross stitched ( or cross dressed for that matter) and am craft-impaired, if I could find sarcastic cross stitch starter kit instead of the granny sayings, I would take it up instantly. There has to be some mula to be earned by the sector of women who have a light behind their eyes and a darkness in their spirit who do not want a “Home Sweet Home” sampler thingy hanging on their wall.

My neighbor has one she made: Either the house looks good or I look good. Pick one.

Deciding to totally crush my self esteem in time for the holidays, I’m taking a ceramics class with my crafty neighbors. The selection to pick from to clean and paint is so disappointing ( gnomes, cows, elves, you know granny/country crap-o-rama clutter stuff that ends up in a garage sale. Nothing practical.) that I had to scrouge to find something that wasn’t offensively tacky. ( A piggy bank and very simple vase.)

I found an upscale very contemporary ceramics place that is kinda pricey, but for $7 and hour plus the cost of your ceramic, you get all the paint, tools, firing and help
in a much nicer atmosphere. I might blow off the rest of the pay-as-you-go classes and go there for my cereal bowls for everyone this Xmas plan.

If that fails, there is always potholders that I can whip out in under an hour. ( No two the exact same size, a speciality of mine!)
Crap, I’m rambling…

one of my favorite gifts I have made was a black cloth with neon words that said:

I can only please
one person per day
and today is not

I also did the ceramic thing a few years ago…it was only 2 $ per hour, and covered the paint you used while there. It was mostly old straightlaced bitties, and me…with the mouth.

One day, I opened my wallet, and there was a lime green condom in the coin compartement…The owner exclaimed her surprise. I responded that every woman should carry two things at all times.
What is the other thing? she asked
A stick of gum, I replied, you wont need the condom if you have bad breath.

She almost had a coronary.

See, crafts can be fun!

I’m working on a big ol’ angel for my mother. I’m not an “angel person,” but my mom did home daycare for 9 years and she liked this angel-holding-a-baby design. I’m also working on a Mary Engelbreit design – the “Believe” Santa, but I’m leaving the “Believe” off! – for xmas. I only x-stitch while I’m watching TV, so the hobby is dormant for most of the summer, BTW.

Sealemon – blown up. (Insert Bionic Woman theme music here) They have rebuilt me – big ole scars and all, after spending six months without a functional hand.

Hey, Opal, with any luck I’ll have it finished by THIS Christmas. (and yes, you’ll get that shirt. :))