Cross thread challenge - that movie doesn't belong in this thread!

In this thread people nominated their ten worst movies of the last decade. Often later posters express surprise at earlier posts.

I think like Fox we should be fair and balanced so here is the chance to pick the movie you would grant a reprieve.

I offer my defence of Transformers which has received many mentions. It is not a movie I would choose to see but I took a teen to see it. While not a great movie it was passable entertainment. I thought it was cleverly put together particularly the way the story was hidden in a typical teen movie.

I cut it extra slack because I had no expectations, other than great CGI and stuff blowing up (Michael Bay). Some of the things it is criticized for are odd. Of course it is stupid, it’s about transformers just like from a kiddies cartoon show. And it was funnier than a Will Ferrell movie.

So while I would not bother watching it again I do not regret the time spent watching it the first time like the 10 on my list.

What will you save from the bottom 10?

I noticed one person mentioned Curse of the Jade Scorpion, which I really liked. Other than that one, I hated or avoided nearly every movie mentioned.

ETA: One more - I also liked The Number 23, and I actually own that one. That’s rare for me, since I only own about 30 movies.

I believe Garden State to be this generation’s The Graduate, and it’s my most favorite movie. I was really surprised to see it listed.

The Spirit was one of my favorite films from last year, right after The Fall and Milk. I saw it 3 times in the theater.

There Will Be Blood was my favorite film from the year before. I happen to think it’s one of the greatest films ever made. My desktop is still a picture from There Will Be Blood.

No Country For Old Men. If There Will Be Blood had to lose the Oscar for Best Picture and Paul Thomas Anderson had to lose the Oscar for Best Director, I’m SO glad that the losses were to No Country and the Coen Brothers.

Speaking of movies from 2007, Across The Universe was a favorite.

Moulin Rouge and Fellowship of the Ring were my two favorite movies of 2001.

Elf, well, I liked it a lot. I thought it was very sweet and funny.

Other movies mentioned that I quite liked: The New World, Zodiac, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, Mamma Mia!, M. Night’s The Sixth Sense (plus Unbreakable and to a lesser extent, Signs and The Village), Garden State, Funny People, The Hangover, The Box, Matrix 2&3 (though neither were anywhere near as good as the original), Fahrenheit 9/11, Talladega Nights (though I can understand redneck conservatives not liking those last two), and that’s as far as I got.

The inclusion of these two titles in that thread were such obvious minority opinions that it hardly seemed worth defending.

But I’ll take The New World over either of them, and since it’s an admittedly difficult (and less popular) film, I just need to pitch in and say that I consider it hauntingly beautiful and profoundly moving and mysterious. I’m no knee-jerk defender of Malick, but this is his best work and really quite wonderful.