Cross your fingers . . .

Got an email from Mother today. She will be interviewing for a job on the other side of state.

I like of idea of Mother being over three hours away - its a good start. Hopefully, this place will hire her.

I remember reading about your mother. My fingers are crossed that she’ll get the job and then have to be transferred to the companies overseas division.

I missed the edit window, but feel free to pretend that I wrote “company’s” instead of “companies”. I do know how to use the possessive form of nouns, really, I do!

Yeah, an ocean between us would be nice. Recently, I told her that I’m very stressed and moody and need some space. So far, she’s hasn’t called me.

I’m surprised that you haven’t moved away. There’s a reason why I live three hours from my mother, and she’s not as bad as your’s sounds.

Keeping fingers and toes crossed for you Mouse. I hope it all works out. :smiley: