Crossing Jordan question Spoilers I hope!

I apparently missed an episode of Crossing Jordan when it started back up. The last thing I remember was Woody breaking in to an apartment an holding his gun on her father. But in the 3 episodes I have seen in the last week, there has been no mention of it. So can someone tell me what I missed?

You know, I thought it was just me! I’ve been confused, but I just figured that I missed several episodes. And here you are, asking the same thing so I looked it up…

From the NBC website:

So it seems they haven’t shown it yet. That’s weird.

And stupid. We now know that nothing happened to her dad or Woody, since we have already seen them. Talk about lack of suspense.


We’ve seen her dad? I thought the show only premiered a week ago and he wasn’t in that ep.

He was on Sunday nights show. Jordan talked to him for a few minutes. You do know they are showing them on Fridays and Sundays, right?


Not until I stumbled across it last Friday. They seem to be only advertizing it for Sundays.
I thought I was the only one watching last season. I wasn’t surprised when it wasn’t in the fall line up. If I love it its sure to be cancelled

Apparently, Jill Hennesey was busy having a baby, that is why it did not make the fall lineup. They decided to wait until she was done, and go from there.


No, I had no idea. Thanks, NBC! You think you might have mentioned that you were showing two eps a week, say, sometime during each ep?

Not to go off on a tear here, but what the hell? How many times, in talking about various TV shows, have people posted that they never see them advertised on their home networks? Granted I don’t watch a lot of network TV, but it seems like a pretty natural idea to advertise the time and date of the next airing of each program during the course of the program itself. Do networks not want people to watch?

Remember what FOX did to Firefly?

TV execs must be made of sawdust or something. I had no idea that Fri and Sun were two DIFFERENT eps! I thought Sun was a rerun of Fri!

Now, see, I knew someone would reference Firefly but that criticism I never understood. I saw ads for Firefly every time I watched FOX, and it was also heavily advertised during Buffy repeats on FX.

I remember seeing some ads for FF before it premiered. But, while it was on air, I saw one, yes ONE, 10 second still logo blurb for it. Never saw/heard ANY ads for it in other media (print, radio, theaters, etc…) like some other shows have been.

Actually, this last Sunday was advertised right after Friday’s episode. At least it was here. I don’t remember what was advertised Sunday.


I watched it Sunday last and there was a believe a “on the next all new Crossing Jordan” but I’ll be switched if it said anything about it being on Friday.

And of course I forgot about it this week so I missed it completely.

They said that episode was a “bonus Friday episode,” so maybe it was just the one time?

Could be, I don’t remember watching it the last Friday.