The Family Guy cartoon

i have recently started watching the Family Guy on Cartoon Network. does anyone know why it left Fox network? i have heard rumors that it was too politically incorrect.
anyone know? does anyone know if they are still making new episodes?

It was cancelled because FOX is run by a group of incredibly stupid people who wouldn’t a quality show if it jumped up their butts and ate its way through their chest.

No more new shows will be made (by FOX, at least).


That should read “…wouldn’t know a quality show…”

Mr. Blue Sky - If it weren’t for Fox, Family Guy wouldn’t have aired at all. You should be thanking them.

It ran for four seasons, hardly a bad run.

Its creator, Seth MacFarlane, has moved on to other projects, so don’t expect a comeback.

I hear it’s beating Leno and Letterman in the timeslot (for some age bracket I don’t remember, but I think I belong to). I hope that fact is making some FOX executive suffer.

Yeah, but they moved it around and pre-empted it on a regular basis.

They abused Futurama in much the same way.

Fox is notorious for making good shows, then jerking around their time slots until nobody knows when they come on, then cancelling the show.

The little network that could has become the little show killer that did.

There is one new episode left because Fox refused to air it. “When you wish upon a Weinstein” is going to be played sooner or later, but I can’t see when.

You would think that any Network would only be interested in the audience share a show grabs. In fact it seems like common sense, but it’s not so, especially when they have little to no creative control over a show. That’s probably the number one thing they want, control.

Big egos get involved. Feuds get started. And sometimes the suits decide they don’t like a show, or they don’t like animation or maybe they just don’t believe the numbers and so they go about actively destroying certain shows. By moving around the time slot. Placing in a spot which guarantees frequent pre-emption. Having a very weak promotion campaign. Hmm Seth blames FOX’s overconfidence.

Family Guy did beat Leno and Letterman. I got this link from Toonzone.

“You really turned my brown eye blue with that one…” - Stewie

I prefer the DVDs. They’re legal, for one.

True, although how much of that time did it spend “cancelled” or on hiatus?

??? Huh? Who suggested something illegal?

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If so, could I have an explanation please?
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Someone posted a mention that Family Guy eps were on one of those Services That Shall Not Be Named.

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Episodes of TV shows? Available on P2P file sharing networks? Say it ain’t so! :eek:

Has Cartoon Network said they’re going to air it? It seems awfully… controversial, even for a basic cable channel.

It’s not that bad, IMHO. I’ve seen stuff on the networks that was far more inflamatory than this.