The Family Guy cartoon

They definately want to play it. I’m guessing there was a last minute snag with the higher ups that had it’s Aug 6th premier dumped. So far they’ve shown Vash being given 2 prostitutes and another woman having her boobs grabbed and squeezed from behind by a guy certainly what they can show is expanding.

It looks like August will see them getting to the 47th episode. Hopefully the unaired episode in early September.

Family Guy is the James Dean of prime time animation.

Of course, the Simpsons are the Marlon Brando. Once great, now sad and pathetic.

Family Guy was getting utterly brilliant while the Simpsons were sucking ass the most.

As proof, name any Season 11 Simpsons that was fit to lick a Family Guy’s jock strap.

Ahh yes, let’s all go prove our opinions. :smack: Anybody who doesn’t enjoy the PBS-character chase in Missionary Impossible scares me. :wink:

Family Guy has so many great moments, but any show where the main character has a 5 minute, action movie style fight with a giant chicken belongs in the Hall of Fame.

“Oh, no, I don’t take coupons from chickens. Not after last time.”

Does the box set have all the episodes and the bin Laden gag? I think I read it somewhere that you couldn’t get those on the States but could on Europe.

MusicJunkie, I’ve been told (on this board) that the bin Laden gag isn’t on the DVD, but I can’t say for sure…

The bin Laden gag isn’t on my DVD set (US here).

To be honest, I doubt it. After seeing the episode in question, I’d say that it doesn’t live up to the rest of the series. It was like, after making an episode with a lot of Jew jokes, they were aware that they were already on thin ice and so were very cautious about what else they put in. Only two great moments in the whole episode: One involving Tony Robbins, and one with William Shatner.

Come on, SPOOFE, the “Quagmire searching for his keys” scene left me in stiches. Well, at least the first time I saw it.

It had Teletubbies shooting rays out of their head-thingies.

So… not… Simpsons…

(Might have worked in Family Guy, though.)

And Firefly. Bastards.

Thanks. What about When You Wish Upon a Wisenstein? And is there a non US DVD with the gag?

Well, okay, but that was well below the level of the other two shining moments. The best part about that was that they spent so much time - “dead air”, as any lesser TV show would call it (I call it a Pinter-esque Pause) - rather than the fact that Quagmire was doing something “dirty”.

What about it? I heard it’s being released with the Season 3 DVD set this fall.

The “Osama singing Show Tunes” gag? Strange, it’s on my DVD set, and I’m in the US…

Back to the OP, I heard it was originally killed because Rupert Murdock is a prude.

So’s Rupert Murdoch.:smack:

I never saw the show while it was on Fox, must have been the timeslot thing. I just started watching it this summer, it comes on at 2:00 on TBS. I can’t get enough of it now.

Let’s all be realistic though. How could you expect the Fox Execs. to keep the show running when they HAD to make room for Cedric the Entertainer?

That was also the best part of Peter twisting his ankle in “Wasted Talent”: a good 30 seconds of “Ahhhh… wince ahhhh… wince ahhhh…”

Another high point of “When You Wish Upon A Weinstein” was the salesman. “There’s an earthquake headed this way!”

I remember two Family Guy scenes which really shocked me. From “Mr. Griffin Goes To Washington”

And then the episode ends with:

After this, I wouldn’t be surprised if even FOX thought this too un-PC.


Also Adam West chewing his bubblegum in, IIRC, “E. Peterbus Unum”, and Death’s extended laughter in “Death is a Bitch”.

Or even better…

Peter Thinking: “Hmm… I too have an uncle…”


Peter: “There’s a time and place for swearing”

Flashback to Peter in court:

Balliff: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?

Peter: I do…you bastard.