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Not last Sunday but the Sunday before (January 7th), there was this clue:

Not abroad. 3 letters.

If you already solved the puzzle and know the answer, maybe you’ll let the others give it a try.

Can you dope it out? I got it right, but for the longest time, couldn’t figure it out - until this morning, and then I had to slap my forehead.


Good one. I always fall for those :wink:

OK, I give, what am I not getting here?

Pas is French for “not.” “‘Not’ abroad.” Get it?

I came up with some possibilities right away: “guy” (or “man,” “joe,” etc.) and “pas.”

Yes, but unless it’s a cryptic crossword that’s pretty bad.

From the Guardian in the UK:

h i j k l m n o (5 letters)

water - ‘h to o’ :eek:

gegs (two words; 9 and 4)

scrambled eggs :smiley:

BarnOwl in his best Clem Kadiddlehopper imitation: “Uh huh, Diogenes, I get it. Yes I do. Yup. Thank you.”

Why? It’s a perfectly valid clue, cryptic or otherwise.

Strictly speaking a comma after the Not might required in puzzles other than from the New York Times. But we’re talking Will Shortz, here, who many of us regard as the Gold Standard for American Crossword puzzles, and the comma would have been a dead giveaway.

If you want tougher puzzles, glim the New York Sun’s online.

That’s the thing with the Sunday NY Times puzzle. They’ve starting sneaking stuff like this in the regular puzzle.

Very nice, Glee. I liked 'em. Thanks.

But that’s some of what makes those puzzles what they are: Wonderful.

How about this past Sunday (Jan. 14)'s NY Times puzzle? I don’t have it handy and, unfortunately, I can’t remember the title, but I do recall not seeing how the title fit the themed answers.

You’re welcome!

Here’s one to try on crossword fans:

“The clue is ‘Mailman’s delivery’.”

“How many letters?”

“About a sackful!” :smiley:

More genuine Guardian ones:

Undertake precise manoeuvre and make old tender thing feel sexy? (4,2,1,8)

Turn on a sixpence

Economy independent of government knackers 'arry (7,6)

Private sector [ PRIVATES + (H)ECTOR ]