Cruel military 'haoxer' may actually be alien!

CNN linkety-link

And yes, as of right now the headline is ‘Haoxer targets army wife with false death call’. For a second I thought he might be some Hax0r/hoaxer hybrid but since computers don’t seem to be involved I guess it is just a glaring typo.

Anyway, I just had to point out (since this is MPSIMS) the police sketch of the ‘haoxer’ which is reallly creepy. Probably just done with bad police sketch software but the man looks like a deformed alien. With a military crewcut.

I wonder about the police sketch artist who did that.

“Take this nose, these eyes, that mouth, put 'em on this head, and print it.” Didn’t anybody look at that before it went out? Not even a little?

Reminds me of the Li’l Head doll.